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Multivitamins a Waste According to Study in Medical Journal

One in two adults takes a daily vitamin pill, and Americans spend nearly $12 billion annually on vitamins and supplements. Now, an editorial published in this week's Anna... Read more

No More GTL for Kids from the Jersey Shore

No More GTL for Kids from the Jersey Shore

New Jersey Bans Indoor Tanning for Minors Under 17 New Jersey sent a strong message to young people that indoor tanning can be dangerous to their health. Legislation pr... Read more

Are Appetite Suppression Pills a Waste of Money?

Appetite Suppression Pills Called into Question New weight loss products are released each year offering dieters promises of suppressing their appetite to lose weight, b... Read more

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Anti Aging

5 Warning Signs that your Aging Parents May Have Health Problems

5 Warning Signs that your Aging Parents May Have Health Problems

Concerned about your aging parents' health? Use this health information guide to determine if your a... Read more


Low T Linked to Arthritis

Low T Linked to Arthritis

Lower testosterone levels were predictive of rheumatoid factor (RF)-negative rheumatoid arthritis (R... Read more


His and Hers Workouts to get you in Shape for the Summer

His and Hers Workouts to get you in Shape for the Summer

With Summer rapidly approaching,we all want to look our very best. Check out these great tips from N... Read more


Green Calorie Food Labels Misleading People Into Thinking Bad Foods are Health Foods

Those all to familair green calorie food labels appear to mislead people to see nutrition-poor foods... Read more

Mind and Motivation

Not All Type A Personality Traits are Bad

Not All Type A Personality Traits are Bad

Most characteristics of the "Type A" personality are linked to increased work stress. But according ... Read more




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