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Jeff Behar

Jeff Behar

GAY-MARRIAGE-womenSame-sex cohabitors report worse health than married heterosexuals of the same socioeconomic status w, according to a new study, which may provide fuel for gay marriage proponents.

salt shakerSalt use worldwide is at least twice as high as it should be, with a big impact on global health, according to new researcher.

Daily sodium intake averaged 3,950 mg in 2010, according to an analysis covering nearly all of the world's population by Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, MPH, of Harvard School of Public Health, and colleagues.

The recommended daily intake is 2,000 mg by World Health Organization standards and 1,500 mg by American Heart Association guidelines.

The impact of the excess sodium: an estimated 2.3 million deaths from cardiovascular disease in 2010 alone, the researchers reported at the AHA's Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention meeting in New Orleans.

elderly woman sleepingThe strongest predictor of whether a man is developing dementia with Lewy bodies is whether he acts out his dreams while sleeping, Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered.  Dementia with Lewy bodies is the second most common form of dementia in the elderly.

Patients are five times more likely to have dementia with Lewy bodies if they experience a condition known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder than if they have one of the risk factors now used to make a diagnosis, such as fluctuating cognition or hallucinations, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in San Diego.

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