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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 00:00 Published in General Fitness Articles

Stay Away From These Exercise Machines

squats on smith machineWhile exercise machines might seem like an easier and better way to exercise, exercise machines aren’t always the safest form of exercise. In fact, some exercise machines are potentially dangerous. These dangerous exercise machines can actually create the injuries you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Exercise machines are designed to isolate certain muscle groups and help you to work them by moving your body in un-natural ways in order isolate individual muscle groups. Some exercise machines you’re using could actually be damaging to your joints. Don’t gamble on your health by using some potentially dangerous exercise machines.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 00:00 Published in General Fitness Articles

Rotator Cuff Surgery BodybuilderHave you ever had shoulder pain or do you just want to learn how to prevent shoulder problems, like rotator cuff tears?

Exercise and stretching are a very important part of strengthening your rotator cuff,  rehabilitating a rotator cuff injury oir just preventing rotator cuff tears.

You can learn how to strengthen and rehabilitate your rotator cuff using these simple rotator cuff exercises and stretches.

Monday, 13 January 2014 00:00 Published in General Fitness Articles

ahn campbellIf getting in shape was on your list of New Year's resolutions, but you just didn't meet your well intentioned goals,  you are not alone. Many people make lofty goals regarding getting in shape, but fail in the follow through.

If you're a busy mom, jump-starting an exercise routine can be even more challenging— no matter how motivated you are. Finding time can be the greatest challenge: How do you squeeze exercise in around your children's extracurricular activities, the dentist appointments, birthday parties, and work demands? When you do find yourself with a few moments of free time, you're likely to have a long list of tasks competing for your attention — making it hard to justify leaving it all behind to go to the gym.

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