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woman headacheBronchitis can be painful and difficult to deal with. Bronchitis can make a person's all-around mental health and quality life low and may result in time away from school and work.

Published in Respiratory Conditions

breast_cancer_deoderantConcerns about antiperspirants and deodorants being link to breast cancer were started by an e-mail. The e-mail claimed that antiperspirants stop your body from sweating out poisons. But do antiperspirants really increase a person's chances of developing breast cancer?

Published in Breast Cancer
Green_TeaLate life depression, characterized by persistent down moods, can elevate the risk of multiple illnesses, worsen the outcome of existing disease and conditions and can also shorten life according to several studies. Therefore finding effective ways to decrease depression in the elderly can have several benefits including but not limited to reducing the risk to several diseases, improve the outcome of several diseases, reducing severity to several diseases, reducing elderly mortality rate and improving the quality of life for the elderly. Japanese researchers have now found one potential natural way to reduce depression risk in the elderly: green tea.
Published in Depression

New_Alzheimers_DrugAlzheimer's disease symptoms can be alleviated, in part, by the drug Memantine (marketed in the United States as Namenda) without causing serious side effects, according to recent study appearing in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Published in Alzheimers

chronic_periodontal_diseaseChronic periodontitis, a form of periodontal disease (gum disease), characterized by progressive loss of the bone and soft tissue attachment that surround the teeth, is an independent risk factor for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma according to a new study.

Published in Cancer

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