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What your Name is Could Affect How Long you Live according to New Research

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naming-babyThe first letter in your name could be linked to how long you live according to a new study.

If your name starts with "A," then you probably have no cause for concern, but if your name begins with "D," the study suggests you might die sooner than your peers.

Is it all nonsense?

Not necessarily. The study, conducted by Wayne State University in Detroit and published in the peer-reviewed journal "Death Studies" this month, examined the relationship between the first letters of a person's name and how long they loved.

The researchers reviewed the lifespans of more than 10,000 athletes and professionals (doctors and lawyers), focusing specifically on names which began with A, B, C or D -- letters associated with the grading system in American schools. The longevity study showed those with A names substantially outlived those with D names.

Researchers suggest that because D is associated with poor academic performance, those with D names are more apt to suffer from lower self-esteem, making them more prone to disease. However, the most concrete finding really isn't all that striking. Athletes whose names began with D had a median survival age of 68.1 years, while those with names beginning with letters E to Z, which have no grade correlation, had median survival age of 69.9 years.

That's not to say one should consider the psychology of names pure nonsense. Several studies have been conducted over the years indicating that one's name can play a significant role in one's self-esteem as well as how a person is perceived by others. For example, a well-known study published in the "Journal of Educational Psychology" in 1973, showed that elementary school teachers were prone to give higher grades to students with desirable names than to their counterparts with less common names, such as ""Elmer," and “Bertha” regardless of the quality of the students' work.

Don't sweat it if your name starts with "D," but if you're flipping through a baby name book searching for the perfect moniker to bestow on the newest addition to your family, don't entirely discount the power and meaning. Consider more desirable names, and do not discount names starting with the letter “A”.

Last modified on Saturday, 17 March 2012 14:06
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