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shoulder pain manExercise-related injuries can happen out of nowhere: One day, you are cruising along the Stairmaster with ease and the next you are hobbling around town in pain. What gives?

Electronic Ab ExerciserMost fitness fad product ideas come and go, while the really good ones stick around for awhile until fitness trends fall by the wayside. It’s hard to tell the difference between fad and fitness, which ones work and which don’t. So often many people will spend money, time and effort on a fitness product that doesn’t do what it claims. Don’t be fooled by these fitness fad product scams.

Read on to see what we believe are the top 10 worst fitness fad products of all-time that did not live up to their promises:


man_doing_yogaGuys are spending more time doing yoga in gyms, according to an end-of-year study by the Yoga Journal.

About 700,000 more men are practicing yoga than four years ago — 16.5 million up from 15.8 million, according to the study.

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