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Eight Signs of a Bad Gym

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Eight Signs of a Bad Gym Featured

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gay_gymHow to Spot a Bad Gym

If only we could all work out at Sports Club LA or some other Posh Gym that has a bathroom attendant, valet parking, and the ability to get your car detailed and your dry cleaning done while you workout. Unfortunately, such posh places aren't in most of our budgets. However, just because you can't afford the best gym doesn't mean you have to settle for the worst gym.

Signs of a Bad Gym

Whether you're taking a tour of a new gym or just thinking about finding a different one, here are several signs of a bad gym that that you need to look before signing a gym contract:


  1. The Equipment Is Old. If the dumbbells look worn out, the covering of the benches ands machines are torn, the bumper rubber on weight plates is deteriorating, and the machines look dated, be VERY wary. Although it is possible to keep older equipment tuned up and in good condition, older equipment could also mean lots of nonworking equipment and general disregard for quality by the gym management.
  2. The Equipment Is Broken. If you see a lot "out of order" signs on the machines, expect longer waits. Brokengym  equipment could indicate an overall neglectful attitude on the part of the management, another huge red flag that this may not be the right gym for you.
  3. Dirty locker rooms. If the locker rooms are dirty, unkempt,m then you can usually expect to find weights not re-racked, broken equipment and general neglect by the management.
  4. Not enough lockers. If the locker room is so crowded that people are waiting for lockers to open up, chances are you'll have to wait for the machines too. A good gym should have enough space to accommodate everyone at peak times.
  5. Gym is Too Hot or Too Cold. Obviously, sweating is a good thing at the gym, but if the heat is cranked up on a cold day, you may find yourself overheating. I've also been in places where the AC is blasting so much it's hard to warm up. Also, if the gym can not afford to run any AC, even on a scorcher of a day, that may be a sign that the gym is on shaky financial ground.
  6. Weights not being put away. If the dumbbells are not put back, and you spend half your time looking for the right dumbbells you are not going to get a good workout. Also, when the gym does not care enough to make sure dumbbells and weight are properly re racked, you will usually find equipment to be in disarray, and the overall attitude of keeping the gym up to snuff by members will also be low.
  7. No One's Enforcing the Rules. If the gym posts rules dictating certain behavior — racking weights, wiping down equipment, or 30-minute cardio machine limits — but no one is enforcing the rules, these could be symptoms of an overworked or uninterested staff.  If the staff  does not care, it will be only a matter of time before gym patrons start caring less, a downward slide that Will affect the condition and ambience of the gym.
  8. Gym personal trainers leaving weights on the floor or hiding weights for their clients use.  Do we need to even comment about this one at all?
  9. Bonus: The Gym is a pickup place.
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