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Fit Moms: A Healthy New Trend Featured

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This month our spotlight will be on Ahn Campbell, a mother of two who has a body that women half her age would admire.

Meet Ahn Campbell

 Anh campbellAnh Campbell is a "30 something" mother of two beautiful daughters who co-owns, a health and wellness tips website with her husband Jay. Ahn is a former college athlete, and  who did not let motherhood stop her from maintaining an incredible physique. Anh is living proof that it’s possible to balance a career, a loving marriage, and parenting while maintaining model looks.

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Moms

  • Prioritize. Find a gym that is either close to home, close to work or on the way to your child's school or after school activities. The time you save you can spend training.

  • Choose a gym with childcare. There are many gyms now that offer childcare so you can get a quick 45 minutes of exercise while your child can get some exercise and make new friends too! 

  • Eat well. A good well balanced diet is equally important to a fit figure. Stay away from processed foods, transfats and excess carbohydrates. Stick to low fat proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates (in moderation). Best way: plan your meals, pack yuouk your meals and avoid those "happy meals".

  • Get good sleep. Good sleep keeps cortisol levels down, helps recharge you. Additionally studies show that failure to get restorative sleep results in higher levels of body fat.
  • Walk with your child. Walking is a great way to burn fat and also spend some quality time with your children. The best way to gain fitness from walking is to maintain a brisk pace and include some hills for extra cardiovascular conditioning. Swing your arms as you walk, and try to walk for at least 30 minutes, three or more days a week. To make the walk a little harder you can wear a backpack filled with water bottles and other supplies. The extra weight will help provide a more challenging workout for you while allowing the walk pace to be slower for your child 9or less fit friends that may accompany you)! To keep the walk interesting for your child, take along a brown paper sack or a tote bag to hold the treasures you find. Collect pine cones, leaves, rocks, twigs, acorns, pine needles, tree bark, spring flowers or anything else that looks interesting. To make the walk more fun, make it educational and turn it into a counting activity.

About the Author

Jeff Behar, MS, MBAJeff Behar, MS, MBA is a former natural bodybuuilding champion, well sought after personal; trainer and author with over 30 years of experience in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding fields.  He regularly writes for several magazines about top health, fitnessdisease prevention, diet, nutrition, natural healing, and  anti aging issues that are being discussed today. He has authored over 1000 articles regarding health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and is the author of the best selling Ebook, Top 100 Superfoods - 100 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Jeff Behar is also the founder of, , and, three very popular health and wellness information websites and social networking communities.

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