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Shake Weight a Good Fitness Product or a Fitness Scam? Featured

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Shake_Weight_manShake Weight is yet another fitness product that’s creating a craze in America.  But is the Shake Weight just a fake weight?

Shake Weight: What it is

Shake Weight resembles a regular dumbbell with a spring on either end. According to the official website, Shake Weight works with a method called Dynamic Inertia. But the question is, does ShakeWeight with its Dynamic Inertia really work or is ShakeWeight yet another infomercial scam?

ShakeWeight Claims

ShakeWeight is design to help you tone and work your upper body, especially arms, in just six minutes a day.

Shake Weight weighing 2.5 pounds (5 pounds for men) is supposed to tone your upper body faster than regular dumbbells. You just hold ShakeWeight in various positions and shake it.

Is ShakeWeight a Good Product or Is Shake Weight a Scam?

There are a few troubling claims made concerning the Shake Weight product:

  • ShakeWeight infomercial suggests that regular weight training causes bulky muscles, while the Shake Weight will give the long muscles women crave more. Fact: This suggestion is baseless. Whenever you hear about an exercise device that offers women longer, leaner muscles -- instead of big and bulky ones -- your suspicions should immediately begin to kick in. Women simply don’t have the genetic and hormonal makeup necessary to bulk up regardless of the kind of exercise they do. Unless you workout at the gym with the specific goal of becoming bulky it just won’t happen.
  • Shake Weight infomercial and official website claim that a scientific study proves that the Shake Weight is more effective than regular strength training. Fact: This study was from a simulation company that did a study on the Shake Weight. This is a simulation study only, not done on real people, which does say pretty good things about the Shake Weight.
  • Shake Weight infomercial says you can achieve real results by working for 6 minutes a day and that’s it. Fact: Toning up really requires you to workout hard and to eat right. These claims are very hard to measure to either refute orshake_weight confirm.
  • Another concern about ShakeWeight is the conflicting ways in which Shake Weight is promoted to women and men. While the infomercial for women states that this device helps to avoid bulky muscle growth, the infomercial for the Shake Weight for men basically promises bulky muscle growth. Fact: Can’t have shake weight do for one and not the other. So which is it?
  • Shake Weight infomercial states the ShakeWeight can help in weight loss. Fact: No way 6 minutes/day can cause a change in metabolic rate long enough to cause a weight loss.
  • Shake Weight infomercial states the ShakeWeight will create long lean muscles. Fact: You really need to move your muscles through a full range of motion to achieve long lean muscles.
  • Shake Weight infomercial states while using ShakeWeight you feel a burn. Fact: With any new exercise or if you never exercise you’ll feel a burn. But after using Shake Weight for a couple of days that burn quickly diminishes.

ShakeWeight is Not a Quick and Easy Solution

Shake Weight looks like fun and ShakeWeight does cause the muscles to flex a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be something that’s worth using (it is still unclear whether Shake Weight’s Dynamic Inertia really works).

You will get better results doing regular workouts, especially if you follow a good workout program. If you literally only had six minutes to spare and wanted a full-body workout, you would be better served doing a series of body-weight exercises back-to-back with no rest.

ShakeWeight Bottom Line

Even if you do decide to buy the Shake Weight, no matter how good the Shake Weight might work for you, unless you eat right, you will never ever be able to lose arm fat and tone your body.

About the Author Lynn Glenn

lynn_glenn This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is a popular  health, and fitness, author regularly writing for several top health and fitness websites. Lynn's expertice includes writing about the latest health, fitnessdisease prevention, diet, nutrition, natural healing, and  anti aging issues  being discussed today.  Lynn is also a senior writer and editor at including but not limited to, , and

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