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What you need for Squats

  1. Barbell

  2. Weight Rack

Instructions for Squats

  1. Prepare for squats by placing the barbell on the rack about parallel with upper chest.

  2. Approach the rack and come under the barbell, resting the barbell on the back of the shoulders and grasping on either side with both hands.

  3. Lift the bar off of the rack and step away from the rack.

  4. With feet about shoulder width apart, bend your knees, lowering yourself to the ground and keeping your feet flat on the ground.

  5. Stop when your thighs become parallel to the ground and stand up at a medium speed until your legs are completely extended.

  6. Repeat.

Comments on Squats

Many doctors claim that squatting beyond the point where your calves and thighs form a 90 degree angle is harmful to the knees. Since much of the muscle work is done getting to that 90 degree position, it is best be be conservative and not to lower yourself further. Also, avoid putting more weight on the ball or heel of your foot.

Muscle Groups Worked By Squats

  • Gluteus

  • Quadriceps 

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