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Exercises for a Great Butt. Check out our suggestions, and also add your own

fitness_buttSo many people want a perfect butt, whether its their own, or their partners.

With that being said, what exercises have you found to help "lift" and round out youur butt?

Here are just two of several articles on the site that weere written with Butt Beauty in mind.

  1. How to get a rock hard perfect butt: by Lynn Glenn.
  2. The Brazilian Butt Workout by IFBB Fitness Pro Jennifer Searles (and yours truly) Besides being informative articles, the pics aint bad either!
  3. Ultimate Home Workout for Women by Health and Fitness expert, Jeff Behar
  4. Luciious Legs Workout by IFBB Fitness Pro Laura Mak
Discussion started by Jeff Behar , on 2797 days ago
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jason lee mannings
Well first you must understand what exactly is a butt!!! Number of muscles, 2 major ones to concern with, the others get involved too. Gluteus maximus and gluteus medialis. Both tend to be problem areas for women, more fat storage as opposed to men getting a gut. Plus sometimes the blood flow in these muscles can be poor, so even if you lose a couple of stone, you could still have a big butt!!! This is because the area is inefficent at transporting the fatty acids, so its takes it say from the waist. Solution? you need to improve the blood flow, how? the correct exercises, say, romanian deadlifts for the gluteus maximus, hams, erectors. Lighter weight, higher reps for women with ultra strict technique. The gluteus medialis sits higher up and controls abduction, so any decent abduction exercise, machine or body weight excellent. Finally the inner thighs, another problem area for women, adduction movements fine.

Leg/Butt routine for women

Warm up
Squats (slightly wider foot stance, to hit butt/inner thighs more)
Stiff legged deadlifts
Seated machine hip abductions/adductions superset
Cardio/cool down
2055 days ago

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