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Health & Nutrition MLM Products Forum

Health & Nutrition MLM Products Forum
Saturday, 23 April 2011
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  • Transfer factor is a protein molecule-polypeptide that consists of 44 amino acids and has a weight of 5000 Da (1 Da ≈ 1,660 540 ∙ 10-27 kg).
    Transfer Factor (hereinafter - TF) is responsible for the transfer of information between the cells of the immune system.
    TF was discovered in 1949 by Dr. H.S. Lawrence (USA). This invention has marked a new era in the development of immunology. It was found that the immunity can be transferred from one person to another by transferring the extract of white blood cells which contains the molecules, that record an immune experience of the first, and that were named "transfer factors". This immediately has begun to develop in medicine, but wasn’t widely used in clinical practice, because getting 50 mg of TF from leukocytes required 50 liters of donor blood. This method proved to be extremely expensive, the use of donor blood has become more dangerous with the emergence of AIDS and hepatitis B and C, and most importantly - it appeared later, that the molecules of TF obtained from human blood, did not contain all the immune information, received from previous generations.
    When a child is born, he/she receives "a software package for the immune system” from the mother, which contains both the maternal immune experience and basic genetic information, which was accumulated by the previous generations. This information is transmitted with TFs in the first hours after birth with mother's colostrum.
    From the beginning of the twentieth century till the 80th, the prevailing view in medicine of the developed countries was that maternal colostrum is the immature milk, that it’s bad for the stomach and intestines of the child and that bringing the child immediately to the breast is unhygienic, so the colostrum was decanted and a baby was given the breast later. Thus, humanity has caused a tremendous damage to itself by having interrupted the transfer of immune information for several generations. We have created immune malfunction for ourselves! But, fortunately, this did not happen in the nature.
    It was found that the molecules of TF are not species-specific, i. e. their chemical composition is the same for all vertebrates (human, cat, dog, chicken, pigeon, mouse, elephant, etc.) and differ only in the information that they carry. And animals, unlike humans, never had interruption in the chain of transmission of genetic immune experience.
    In 1989, after the discovery of Transfer Factors in the colostrum of cows and the development of technology of production of the isolate TF, usage of Transfer Factor products has become available for everybody.

    You can find more on
    Do you have any questions? Write me directly on
    Vladimir Startsev, MD, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
    groups.wall 2412 days ago
  • Sr. Writer Lynn Glenn recently tried and wrote a great review on ageLOC Vitality. I had called Lynn and told him that there was a clinically proven breakthrough innovation in anti-aging science that can make you look and feel 10-20 years younger. I told him that there is a company that has found the aging-genes in cells, and with proprietary blends of natural botanicals, can influence those identified aging-genes to act like they did when you were younger. Like any true health & fitness professional, Lynn was skeptical. I put Lynn on Pharmanex's LifePak NANO multi-vitamin & ageLOC Vitality. Lynn witnessed first hand what millions of people all over the world will soon find out, that it is now possible to live much younger much later in life.
    ageLOC technology represents the greatest individual entrepreneurial opportunity in the history of the direct selling industry. If you're looking for a fantastic way to secure your future and have fun helping other people improve the quality of their lives, then contact me to learn how you can join our team. It's going to be a great ride over the next ten to twenty years. In the meantime, here's a great overview of the opportunity.
    groups.wall 2495 days ago
    Sandra with ageLOC - Anti Aging Breakthrough Can you send me the link to the review done by Lynn, please? Can be directly to or twitter @thegalvanic. Thanks a lot.2146 days ago
  • I urge you all to review the research on our nutraceutical line of whole-food concentrates and contact me with Qs -- we have 26 gold standard studies done at independent institutes / universities, showing reduction of free radicals (oxidative stress), benefits to immune function, DNA repair, circulation, lowering of systemic inflammation, improvement in skin health, gum health and more:
    It has been key to my family's health for 10 years.
    groups.wall 2496 days ago
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