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What is your favorite healthy eating tip to look and feel good?

man-and-woman-preparing-saladGot a healthy eating tip that you use to look and feel your best?

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Discussion started by Jeff Behar , on 2599 days ago
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It depends on the type of your body. Everybody has unique type of physiology and needs individual diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda is ancient science which can help to identify body type and recommendations for your type not in generally. What is healthy for you maybe not so healthy for another person. It is also important to know what time to eat each food and how to prepare it.
You can ask question about yourself though I can`t indentify you type of body exactly without observation.
2069 days ago
Nate' Heard
Eating small meals every three hours that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and proteins along with drinking tall glasses of water helps keep my metabolism working at fast speed.
2599 days ago
Amy Shapiro
organic, vine-ripened, fresh and raw when possible ... lightly steamed is next best ... water, water and more water! and of course JP to fill the gaps:
2599 days ago

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