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Revolving-Door Hospitalizations Are More Common than you Might Think

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These revolving-door figures came from the federal  (AHRQ) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which analyzed 2006-07 data on 15 million patients in 12 states. The researchers found:

  • More than one-third of patients with hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) were readmitted at least once to the hospital
  • 30% of patients with uncomplicated diabetes were readmitted at least once to the hospital
  • 28% of patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) were readmitted.
  • 21% of patients with asthma were readmitted.
  • Rates of hospital readmissions and multiple emergency department visits were 22% and 38%, respectively, for uninsured patients and 19% and 29%, respectively, for privately insured patients.
  • Among Medicare patients, 42% had multiple hospital admissions and 38% had multiple emergency department visits.
  • Among Medicaid patients, 23% experienced multiple hospital admissions and 50% had multiple emergency department visits.

Although some patients do need to be readmitted, better outpatient care could prevent unnecessary repeat hospital admissions, which in turn can push up health care costs, according to the AHRQ.

Last modified on Friday, 02 September 2011 12:50
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