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Tylenol Maker Announces another Tylenol Recall

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The recalled Tylenol 8-Hour Extended release caplets are 150-count bottles with the UPC code 300450297181 and lot number ADM074.

As with the many previous Tylenol recalls, the latest Tylenol recall is due to a musty or moldy smell. The odor is thought to be caused by trace amounts of the extremely odorous compounds TCA and TBA, produced by the breakdown of a fungicide used to treat wooden pallets on which the tainted Tylenol products were stored.

Johnson & Johnson has also added 10 lots of various products, including Tylenol 8-Hour caplets, to its Jan. 14 wholesale-level recall of various Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed, Sinutab, and Rolaids products. This wholesale-level recall does not affect products distributed at the retail level.

The wholesale recall adds some 717,696 bottles or packages to the Jan. 14 recall:

  • 5 lots of Tylenol Arthritis Pain Extended-Release Geltabs (180,288 bottles)
  • 1 lot of Tylenol 8-Hour Extended Release (207,288 bottles)
  • 1 lot of Tylenol Sinus (108,336 packages)
  • 1 lot of Sudafed PE Cold/Cough Multisymptom (134,568 packages)
  • 2 lots of Benadryl Allergy Sinus Headache (87,216 packages)
You can get the lot numbers and UPC codes for all the recalled products at
Last modified on Friday, 09 December 2011 05:24
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