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Natural Headache Relief: Tips to Stop Headaches in Their Tracks

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You just may be surprised at how quickly you can break free from the chains of headache pain - without mind-numbing drugs.

The National Library of Medicine reports that the most likely causes of occasional to chronic severe headaches are stress and tension. With over 78% of adults experiencing tension-type headaches and 30% of the general population suffering chronic migraines, is it any wonder that the business of headache pain remedies is booming?

You just may be surprised at how quickly you can break free from the chains of headache pain - without mind-numbing drugs.

Are You Misaligned? 

According to the World Headache Alliance, between 70-80% of all Americans experience chronic headache pain at least once per week and a large body of research indicates that poor posture and spinal misalignment may be responsible. And yet, a surprising number of traditional medical practitioners fail to recognize the connection between healthy cervical spine alignment and headaches.

The fact is that bad posture and poor habits have been proven to be extremely relevant factors in many types of chronic headaches. Do you sleep on an old matress? Do you sit in front of a computer all day, every day? Do you cradle the telephone on your shoulder during phone conversations? Does your work require you to remain standing at an assembly-type line? If this sounds like you, chances are, you suffer from migraines or headaches with neck and shoulder pain.

Chiropractic care has a strong track record of incredible success in treating most forms of benign headaches. It has even proven to be very successful in treating and eliminating debilitating migraine pain – without the danger of potentially harmful drugs. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that chiropractic treatment of headache pain enjoys consistently spectacular success rates ranging between 72-98%. Unlike prescription medications, there are no adverse or allergic reactions, no potential drug interaction, and you never have to worry about drug-induced drowsiness.

Curing Headaches Naturally at Home

The majority of headaches are caused by tension, which tightens the muscles in the head. Vascular headaches, such as migraines and cluster headaches result from constricted blood vessels. Medications relieve headache temporarily. Long term use of medications such as Demerol, ibuprofen, aspirin and codeine may increase the frequency of headaches or make them more severe. Natural remedies can offer relief, without side effects, by promoting relaxation or dilating constricted blood vessels.  You don't necessarily need a doctor's prescription to treat your headaches. Here are some ways you can find relief, without medication:

  • Rub your neck and shoulders using pressure point accupressure.
  • Apply gentle, steady rotating pressure to the painful area of your head with your index finger and/or thumb. Maintain pressure for 7-15 seconds, then release. Repeat as needed.
  • Apply an ice pack to the painful area of your head., back, neck or sholders.
  • Take a warm bath or shower;
  • Stretch
  • Ask someone to rub your neck and back, or treat yourself to a massage.
  • Rest, sit or lie quietly in a low-lit room. Close your eyes and try to release the tension in your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • If you have excessive muscle contractions in the neck, physical therapy exercises performed daily are often helpful
  • Get a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep is a known headache trigger in some people. Also, getting adequate sleep can help decrease stress. In general, it is recommended that people with headaches try to maintain a regular sleep schedule every day. 

Understand Potential Food Allergies that Can Trigger Headaches as well as Relieve Them

 Some foods can trigger headaches, such as migraines. Migraine sufferers should avoid :

  • foods with saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium (salt), and added sugars
  • black tea
  • cheeses, such as Brie, Gruyere and cheddar,
  • onions.

Coffee can provide relief for a headache when taken with aspirin. Coffee, which constricts blood vessels, increases the pain-relieving properties of aspirin. Intake of coffee should be limited to about two cups a day and no more than two aspirins should be taken a day.

Holistic Approaches to Headache Relief 

Aromatherapy for Headache Relief

Aromatherapy can promote relaxation and relieve stress and pain. In addition to inhaling the aroma of essential herbal oils, they can be massaged across the temples, forehead, back of the neck, and behind the ears. Herbs that are effective in relieving headaches  include: 

  • Chamomile--calming, soothing
  • Cinnamon--reduces stress, loosens tight muscles
  • Lavender--reduces pain, relaxes
  • Lime Essence-reduces anxiety
  • Marjoram-eases muscle tension
  • Peppermint--reduces pain, reduces tension
  • Valerian--reduces tension and pain

Natural Supplements for Headache Relief 

  • Feverfew - Studies have shown that Feverfew and Ginkgo reduce migraines and vascular headaches. The leaves of the Feverfew contain parthenolide, which inhibits the production of substances that dilate blood vessels and cause inflammation. Ginkgo also relieves ringing in the ear, and dizziness often associated with headaches.
  • Ginger - Ginger relaxes blood vessels in the head and reduces swelling in the brain. It activates natural opiates in the brain that relieve pain.
  • About the Author 

    Jeff Behar
    Jeff Behar, MS, MBA
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