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Insulin Resistance Linked to Reduced Testosterone Levels in Men

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For the study, researchers conducted a survey of 580 men with type 2 diabetes and 69 men with type 1 diabetes. A subgroup of 262 men with type 2 diabetes was then reassessed after six months. Testosterone levels were measured from blood samples using the Access testosterone assay. Previous population-studies found an association of reduced testosterone levels in men and type 2 diabetes, however this is the first study to demonstrate a similar prevalence in individuals with type 1 diabetes. 

 “As testosterone deficiency may contribute to impaired sexual performance, mood, and libido, as well as have adverse impact on cardiovascular risk, these findings demonstrate the presence of a significant and unrecognized problem among men with diabetes,” said Dr. Mathis Grossmann of the University of Melbourne in Australia. “Our findings of insulin resistance as a potential determinant of reduced testosterone levels may represent an important avenue for intervention.”

This study raises the question of whether testosterone replacement therapy can reduce insulin resistance or symptoms of hypogonadism in men with diabetes. Researchers, however stress that the balance of benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy is currently unknown and still to be defined by large and long-term clinical trials. Also, while insulin resistance is associated with testosterone deficiency, there is no evidence that insulin sensitizers are able to elevate testosterone levels in men with diabetes.

Testosterone Replacement Therapies

If you believe you amy have low testosterone and want to have your hormone levels evaluated you want to visit a medical facility/specialist that specializes in male hormone replacement. Typically, what you should expect from these specialists is a complete health evaluation which should include:

  • Medical Evaluation a specialist, such as a Certified Age Management Physician
  • Extensive Lab/Blood Work
  • Health & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Potential Prescription suggestions as indicated by history, physical exam and blood work results
  • Nutritional Supplement Recommendations


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