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Sex Can Get Better as We Age Featured

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temple-tantra-pranaFrom the tantra perspective, the presumption that sex goes downhill after 50 is entirely false and outrageous. Sex does not have to go down hill as we age. Sex can  get better with age when your body and mind are healthy and strong. Learn how.

Sound Body Sound Mind

It is the individual’s responsibility to make sure the body is in optimum health and shape--not just the external muscles, but the internal muscles, tissues and cells through exercise, meditation and nutrition.

Tantra to the Rescue

Tantra is a philosophy of life in which sex plays just a small role. Still, sex seems to be the main attractant, often full of misconceptions. Tantric practitioners view sex without guilt, fear or limitations, while the general public views sex as a pedestrian activity with no benefits.

Unfortunately, many of the assumptions regarding age have been accepted by the majority. This includes everything from “you will have hot flashes, become forgetful, have gray hair, need reading glasses” to how you should dress, how you should apply makeup, your haircut, and idiotic ideas about sexuality, midlife and your body.

Recently, I read an article and shuddered at the writer’s take on sex for the over 50 crowd. Her take on sex is entirely foreign to tantrics.

Tantra Disputes Writer’s Take on Sex

Sex Can Even Get Better as We Age

The author stated that it is a myth that sex feels the same as it did when you were younger. But I can vouch that it is not a myth. Sex can not only feel the same as sex did when you were younger; in fact, sex can be better.

Sex Will Be Different

The author claims that sex will feel different as you age, meaning sex would not be as good as when you were younger. Tantrics say, sex will be different, because sex will be much better. Better than when you were 18, 25, 35, 45. Even iftantra-3 you have always enjoyed good sex, it does get better still. Hard to believe? Believe it.

Tantra Assures a Woman is Ready at a Moment’s Notice

Another popular fallacy is that menopausal and post-menopausal women lubricate less, which can make sex uncomfortable. Tantra exercises assure that a woman remains juicy, tight, eager and ready at a moment’s notice. Lubricants become a matter of choice. With a properly conditioned body, sex is all natural.

Tantric Women Have Strong Internal Muscularity

The author recommends that women should get a water-based lubricant to help out where nature has left off. Again, tantra yoga exercises keep a woman at her best at any age. Women must be in good health and have strong internal muscularity to enjoy orgasms.

A Man Can Enjoy Marathon Sex

You have heard this one before. Men over 50 have weaker erections and duration. Not so. A man who has some expertise in tantra will be able to sustain a strong erection and have greater stamina even beyond 60. He can enjoy marathon sex when he chooses to.

Tantra Orgasms Have Health Benefits

The writer recommends Viagra or a similar medication to give men the boost they may need. You don’t want to become a living dildo. You want natural energy, shakti—real, natural, safe. You want to experience full orgasm(s) of the entire body, not just the crotch, for any health benefit. Knowledge of tantra enables a man to get out of his head and into his body. The formula for great sex at any age, for men or women is: still mind, active body.

Tantra Teachings Focus On Being In the Moment

Finally something we agree on…when the action’s lagging, consider switching from intercourse to oral sex or asking what would make you feel good. Keep the lines of communication open. Be genuine, honest and present. Being in the moment stops time and delays or halts ejaculation.

Final Word on Tantra

Remember, for good sex at any age, the body must be strong and supple. Nurture it with good food and exercise. Tantric exercises should be practiced on a regular basis. Learn to still the mind through meditation. Practice mindfulness. Control the ego and learn the art of surrender. Work on your internal state and remember that sex should not be such a “mystery”. It should come easily and naturally at any age.

Article Edited by Lynn Glenn

About the Author

chantiChandi Devi is an experienced tantra yoga practitioner, and an experienced author on the topic of tantra yoga. Devi  co-authored "From Om to Orgasm: the Tantra Primer for Living in Bliss" and has also been featured in magazines, and writes a monthly column on tantra/spirituality/sexuality for. Dubbed "the Dear Abby of Tantra" this question and answer format is aptly called " OMG to OM". Chandi Devi is also host of the online radio show “The KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour” and the creator of "The World of Tantra" DVDs, a set of three practice videos that activate and transmute sexual energy (kundalini shakti).

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