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  1. A strategy
  2. Tactics
  3. Mind-set

The strategy is the “big picture” of what you’d like to accomplish. 

The tactics are the “how” you are going to get there.  The mind-set is the catalyst for implementing the tactics.

behar@msn.com (Jeff Behar) Mind & Motivation Mon, 28 Dec 2009 16:03:48 -0800
Living a happy healthy life,being able to share the same w others. http://www.mybesthealthportal.net/my-blog/entry/living-a-happy-healthy-lifebeing-able-to-share-the-same-w-others.html http://www.mybesthealthportal.net/my-blog/entry/living-a-happy-healthy-lifebeing-able-to-share-the-same-w-others.html I feel amazing thanks to Zeal and of course TRYING to eat right. & set that example for my baby girl. A few weeks ago we went to Lawton, OK so we could go to my best friend, Robin's going away party. We spent our last day together with our families at the GORGEOUS Medicine Park which has me feeling home sick now. (I grew up around mountains and OK is FLAT as can be!) it was beautiful.

Being outdoors and enjoying all the beauty nature has to offer just motivates me even more to get back to a nartural healthy life and my family is a huge motivation too.
I want to be able to raise my baby girl up with health eating habits I want to be able to be around to watch her grow up and I know eating healthy and being more active will help secure a longer life with her and my fiance'.
I'm so happy to be behind such amazing health products and to be able to benefit from their nutritional properties, and share these amazing products with family and friends, make money and help the community all at the same time!

I'm on a mission to help others by "bringing healthy back"

a.alarcon26@yahoo.com (Angelica Alarcon) Mind & Motivation Mon, 08 Aug 2011 10:26:09 -0700
It's Time to Think Really Big! http://www.mybesthealthportal.net/my-blog/entry/time-to-think-really-big.html http://www.mybesthealthportal.net/my-blog/entry/time-to-think-really-big.html new years fitness resolutionI just read some interesting and disturbing data. 

Only 9% of people keep their New Years resolutions for the entire year.  While almost 65% don’t even make resolutions!  

No wonder we’re in the shape we are.

behar@msn.com (Jeff Behar) Mind & Motivation Thu, 31 Dec 2009 06:27:00 -0800