Supplements Category Blog entries categorized under Supplements Tue, 16 Jan 2018 11:23:50 -0800 Joomla! 1.7 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Yellow Jacket Extreme Energy Shot Review Stacker-2-Yellow-Jacket-10-packStacker 2 was developed by NVE Pharmaceuticals over 15 years ago for bodybuilders as an herbal alternative giving them extra energy for their work outs as well in helping to lean out before competition. Over the years, bodybuilders began relying on the herbal components and recommended them to their friends and family for weight control. The desire for these herbal weight loss products developed nationally, and Stacker 2 “The Word’s Strongest Fat Burner” was born. Stacker 2 quickly expanded across the country in drug stores and mass marketed as well.

Stacker 2 is well known for their diet and weight loss pills but also has now entered in the energy shot market with their new 6 Hour Power Extreme Energy Shots. I decided to review several of the 6 Hour Power Energy Shots to see if they are indeed “The World’s Strongest Fat Burner.”

Read my following review to see how Stacker 2’s 6 Hour Power Shot -Yellow Jacket “stacks up.” Will Yellow Jacket Extreme Energy Shot have enough “sting” to last the full 6 hours or has the stinger missed its mark?

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Truvia Natural Sweetener: A Few Things You Should Know Before Stocking Up on Truvia Truvia-box-and-packetsTruvia Natural Sweetener is the newest of the no-calorie sweeteners. But, there are a few things you should know before running out and stocking up on Truvia Natural Sweetener.

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Stacker 2's 6 Hour Power Energy Shot Review Stacker_2s_6_Hour_Power_Enery_ShotStacker 2’s 6 Hour Power Energy Shot is in a long line of many mass marketed energy shots claiming to last six full hours. So how does Stacker 2’s 6 Hour Power Energy Shot stack up with other energy shots? Will this 6 Hour Power energy shot last the full six hours as its name suggest? Will 6 Hour Power increase your energy level as well as other six hour energy shots or will it fall short? And what about the taste, does it leave a lingering after taste? Read the following review and find out what I have discovered about Stacker’s 2’s 6 Hour Power Energy Shot.

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Stacker 2 Xtra Energy Shot Review Review: Stacker 2 Xtra Energy Shot

Stacker2_extra_energy_shotManufacturers of energy shots promise quick energy boosts with fewer calories and less sugar than their full-size energy drink counterparts. With so many energy shots on the market in a $5 billion energy drink market, how do you know which energy shot is best?

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Stacker 2 Diet and Energy Product Review stacker_2__diet_and__energy_shotDiet & Energy is very inventive name Stacker 2 came up with in order to get you to buy one of their energy shot products. By calling it Diet & Energy one would assume it has to be better than other energy shot products for losing weight. But is Diet & Energy really better for weight loss than other energy shot products? Stacker 2 Diet & Energy also comes with the tag name “World’s Strongest Fat Burner” printed right on the front of the bottle. Stacker 2 has added several known fat burning ingredients along with a high dose of caffeine in order to lay claim as the “World’s Strongest Fat Burner.” But is Diet & Energy too strong for most people? Diet & Energy 3oz shot size is larger than most energy shots with a price tag that matches. What about Diet & Energy’s price, is too high? Should Diet & Energy come in a smaller 2oz size?

Read my following review on Stacker 2 Diet & Energy shot product and then judge for yourself. See if Diet & Energy really works or just an advertisement ploy to separate you from your hard earned money on a product that may not work any better than other shot products. Isn’t it really just about increasing energy in order to burn more calories anyway?

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Redline Power Rush Review Redline-7-hour-energyRedline Power Rush energy product is much like the popular 5-Hour Energy Drinks. So when I heard about the 2.5 ounce Redline Power Rush energy drink I was intrigued. Is Redline trying to go after 5-Hour Energy Drinks? It certainly looks like it since the tag line on Redline Power Rush states "7-Hour Energy Boost."

If you want to find out how the Redline Power Rush stacks up as a energy shot, read on!

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Nu Skin’s ageLOC Vitality Review: ageLOC Vitality Improves Physical Vigor- Mental acuity-Sexual Drive AgeLOCProductI’ve been hearing a lot about Nu Skin Enterprises launching its newest nutritional supplement ageLOC™ Vitality. Nu Skin claims ageLOC Vitality is formulated to promote healthy gene activity associated with youth and vitality. They go on to say, with consistent use, ageLOC will help raise baseline energy and avoid the highs and lows typically caused by stimulants and sugar.

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K-OTIC Pre-workout Energy Review: All American EFX’s K-OTIC Pre-workout Supplement k-oticAll American EFX, who’s known for its high quality supplements, like its Kre-Alkalyn EFX and the popular All American EFX Test-Charge, has now added a pre-workout supplement called K-OTIC to its arsenal.

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Java Shot Energy Shot Review Java_Shot_bottlesJava Shot energy shot is another in a long line of Stacker 2’s high energy shot products. With this Java flavored energy shot, Stacker 2 is trying to go after the coffee drinkers. With Stacker 2’s Java Shot flavoring of Mojo Mocha, Catapult Cappuccino and Hopped-Up Hazelnut it is bound to peak the coffee drinker’s interest. But is Java Shot really a good energy shot or is its name just an attempt to get you to buy something different?

As with most cappuccinos, this 3oz bottle of Java Shot is high in calories, sugars and carbohydrates. Along with the sugars Stacker 2’s Java Shot has guarana, Yerba mate and caffeine. Is having all this sugar and caffeine in this 3oz energy shot just too much? Read the following Java Shot review to see if it is worth spending the extra money for Stackers 2’s Java Shot high energy shot.

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Firestar Energy Packets Energy Supplement Product Review firestar energy booster packetsFirestar Energy Booster Packets Product Review

We are a huge fan of energy boosting products. Firestar Energy Booster Packets in our opinion are a new improvement and a great addition to the energy booster supplement product line. 

When we originally received the Firestar Energy Booster Packets which containg 200mg of caffeine, 2grams of sugar plus additional ingredients, we thought the Firestar Energy Booster Packets would fall short in the energy boosting category like many energy boosting products we have tried to date, however we were pleasantly surprised.

What we found when trying the new energy boosting product from the UK surprised us. Firestar Energy Booster Packets worked almost immediately, and without causing jitteriness or a post energy crash.  

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