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Big Breakfast Diet Review Featured

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Big breakfast dietThe Big Breakfast Diet is a diet based on a book by Daniela Jakubowicz, M.D. based on the idea that eating a large breakfast early in the morning revs up the metabolism and helps it to be more efficient throughout the day.

The Big Breakfast Diet Principles

The Big Breakfast Diet book states that when a person eats is more important than what they eat.  It tells dieters to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”   

Jakubowicz says that eating a 610- to 850-calorie big breakfast before 9 a.m. fires up your metabolism by taking advantage of your body's circadian rhythms.

On The Big Breakfast Diet, dieters can eat any foods you want, including donuts for breakfast as long as you eat them along with foods rich in protein and fiber. Follow the Big rReakfast Diet plan, Jakubowicz says, and you can lose up to 25 pounds in 30 days.

Big Breakfast Diet Pros

  • People who eat a healthy breakfast each day have greater control over their daily calorie intake, and studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to be overweight.
  • You do not need to buy any specific meal plans or overpriced MLM supplements.
  • There are no potentially harmful ingredients used in the program.
  • Protein is the mainstay of the plan because of its well-known ability to provide satiety and feeling of fullness.
  • It is based on food timing and incorporates glycemic index principles by encouraging the consumption of protein and fiber.

Big Breakfast Diet Cons

  • This Big Breakfast Diet plan can be difficult to follow because most people do not have the time to prepare and enjoy such a large breakfast.
  • It dismissed the importance of total calories and food quality.
  • Big Breakfast Diet dieters are only allotted about 600 calories for breakfast and another 600 calories divided between lunch and dinner. This is far to low to maintain a proper metabolism for men, as well as active women.
  • The main Big Breafast Diet plan is known as the turbocharged plan, which as stated earlier contains too few calories for most active people. The relaxed Big Breakfast Diet plan, which allows you a whopping 3,000 calories at breakfast, is more likely going to cause weight gain, rather than weight loss.
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