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Dr. Bob Arnot's Revolutionary Diet

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How Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet Works

Curbing your hunger is the key to healthy eating habit. With Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet  you will be eating small, frequent meals to avoid getting hungry. You won't be counting calories or cutting out entire categories of food, but you will be cutting down your overall food intake by eating small meals.  Exercise is also added to enhance the food plan. Exercise can help burn calories and make you slimmer.

Dr. Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet Meal Plan

Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet does not give any importance to calorie level in food and does not exclude any single group of food. Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet doesn't give direct advice on meal plans or recipes. Instead, Arnot suggests following the suggestions of the Asian and Mediterranean style diets.

With Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet you'll eat more frequently, and also smaller meals. The Arnot’s Revolutionary Dietfood plan consists of three meals and three snacks each day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and a small snack between each. The Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet suggests consuming "hard" foods, foods that are either tough to chew or slow to be absorbed. Examples of suggested hard foods are beans, lettuce, celery, low-fat or non-fat dairy, and cantaloupe.

According Arnot’s revolutionary diet you should eat before you are hungry. Then, according to the Arnot diet, you will eat the right foods, avoid cravings, and stop bad food choices. It claims your pounds will melt away when you add foods that reduce hunger, improve your mood, decrease your glucose (sugar) load, and increase your nutrition.

What Food is Allowed in Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

You are allowed moderate amounts of carbohydrates, dairy, fruits, vegetables and meat or protein. You'll also be able to indulge in limited amounts of alcohol. Incorporate plenty of fiber like unsweetened cereals, beans, lentils and peas in your diet.

Food Items Recommended by  Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

* Hard vegetables such as chinese cabbage and celery.

* Hard fruits such as grapefruit.

* Hard protein such as egg whites or low-fat or non-fat dairy foods.

* High fiber carbohydrates such as whole grains.

* High fiber carbohydrates such as beans

What Food is Not Allowed in Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

The  Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet doesn’t allow eating any appetite stimulating white foods like bread, pasta, or potatoes. Dieters are urged to choose foods that are not processed and contain no added fats, sugar, or salt. Fat rich food like nuts, oils and butter should be avoided.

Additional Suggested Health Benefits of Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

The hard food in the diet will lower cholesterol, reduces heart disease, protects against breast cancer and colon cancer. It provides essential fatty acids for healthy skin and the development of body cells.

The plant chemicals that have disease preventive properties protect our cells and reduce the risk of developing certain  types of cancer.

Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet promotes exercise to improve the food plan. The Arnot’s Revolutionary Dietsuggests both "fat-ripping" and "building a fat-burning engine" (muscle building) exercise. With all this ripping and burning, you're sure to look thinner.

Potential Risks of Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

No real risks in practicing Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet. The diet is a sensible one, and can result in many health benefits, vs. eating poorly.

What the Experts Say About Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

In the book ''The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet'' by Dr. Bob Arnot, he claimed that adopting a diet rich in soy, flaxseed and fish oils can prevent breast cancer. It has been soundly denounced by breast cancer researchers and patient advocates alike.

Dr. Arnot is not wrong in suggesting that diet plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer, including breast cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that diet is a primary factor in a third of cancer deaths. That estimate is derived from thousands of studies of people worldwide and is supported by findings in laboratory cell cultures and animal experiments.

These studies suggest that a reorientation of American eating habits -- to emphasize fruits, vegetables and whole grains while minimizing red meats, total fat and especially saturated fats and alcohol -- can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing colon cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer.

Caution should be taken regarding any diet being called a anti-cancer diet. As Fran Visco, president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition put it, ''There is no breast cancer prevention diet,'' and the basis for Dr. Arnot's assertion is too flimsy to warrant a radical dietary shift based on diet. As Fran Visco, president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition put it, ''There is no breast cancer prevention diet,'' and the basis for Dr. Arnot's assertion is too flimsy to warrant a radical dietary shift based on diet.

Bottom Line Regarding Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet

Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet is based on healthy eating habits and it contains many helpful recommendations regarding eating and exercise. Following Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet will help keep you healthy in the long-run.

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