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New Research Suggests Brown Rice Can Off…

New Research Suggests Brown Rice Can Offer Cardiovascular Protection

New research suggests a component in a layer of tissue surrounding grains of brown rice may help pro... Read more

Healty Eating

Healty Eating

sea-saltSea salt is said to be  healthier alternative to table salt, but is it really?

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valentines-day-couple-feeding-dessertWondering how you will get through Valentine’s Day with your diet intact?

Here are some good tips and some healthy low fat and fat free entree and desert recipes to help you stick to your diet during Valentine's Day and help keep your hands out of the candy dish.

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woman-eating-oatmeal with Fruit thumbAfter one year, a low-calorie, low-fat diet appears to improve dieters’ mood, while a low-carbohydrate diet with the same number of calories does not according to researchers.

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diet-FailuresWhy Diets Faill

With a greater recognition of the impact of obesity on health, many people understand the importance of the need to lose weight. It is estimated that there are over 65 million Americans dieting at any given time. While the number of dieters looking to lose weight continues to increases, so does the number of dieters who fail to reach their dieting goals. Statistics show that the vast majority (a staggering 95 percent) of people trying to lose weight won’t manage to lose weight and keep the weight off. 

Do you know the top reasons diets fail?  By understanding why most diets fail you can avoid the pitfalls ensure you’re among the successful 5 percent who lose weight successful and keep the weight off.

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dietmythsThere are a number of dieting and nutritional myths that can prevent permanent weight loss and cause serious health problems. Many people are destroying their chances for successful weight loss and damaging their health due to these faulty diet and nutritional myths.

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woman-eating-pizzaThe reputation of carbohydrates has swung wildly in the past few years. Carbohydrates have been touted as the feared food in fad diets. And some carbohydrates have also been promoted as a healthful nutrient associated with lower risk of chronic disease. So which is it? Are carbohydrates good or bad?


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couple_weight_lossWeight Loss without Dieting

Many people want to lose weight, but they hate the hunger they associate with dieting. What many people do not know, is that it is possible to lose weight without dieting if you adopt sensible eating habits, practice portion control, and exercise consistently.

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rice__pastaThe current economic climate has impacted every aspect of our lives, even our health. Many people turn to fast food or unhealthy food selections because unhealthy foods selections are typically cheaper,  easier on the budget, and often convenient too. However, with these tips you can eat healthy without breaking the bank.

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man_with_lean_absStategies for long Term Weight Loss Success

Many people try to lose weight and are unsuccessful cannot. Many people lose weight but only manage to gain more weight back.  If you are like many people who want to lose weight and have tried every fad diets, weight-loss programs and diet supplements only to still struggle with your weight you to need to understand and follow simple basic weight loss principles. If you follow these basic and simple weight loss strategies you can lose weight and you can keep the weight off.

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healthy_eating_tipsMany people believe that a acidity within the bood contributes to disease and aging. While the body has a way of self adjusting to keep the blood ph in a certain  range, understanding how to construct a diet that causes your body to work less to keep your blood ph in the healthy range certainly cannot hurt. The following are some tips to consider:
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