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Vince Taylor's Smart Grips Review Featured

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Vince Taylor Powerballz-50 Smart GripsVince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips is a new arm workout tool, and according to Vince Taylor "no gym bag should be without."

Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips adds the joint rotation principle to your workouts. According to Vince Taylor, by using his Smart Grips you will influence the muscle by using different angles, hitting all the arm’s muscle groups.


Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips

Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips comes either with one or two balls connected to a cable attachment. Smart Grips are form fitting when held in the palm of your hand.  Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips come in different sizes  to match as closely as possible  the hand size pattern of any user. That means a single  hand, can have 3 to 4 variations  of the ball sizes ranging from 1 1/2 inch ball to  2 inch ball.  The Precision Ball ( single cable, large black ball is the soul of the Joint Rotation - Recoil principle. It sets the foundation for this type of Isolation based training and understanding its effects on muscles being targeted for  precision training.

Also available are the dual cables, with two balls (comes in 1 1/2 or 2 " balls). The 2x ball Smart Grips are the second phase or level in the Joint Rotation - Recoil principle; they allow  for more resistance to be increased comfortably to perform  Power training by allowing a more firmer grip.

The most important thing to know when using the Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips is to ensure that the ball is resting in the finger fold and never in the palm of the hand to maximize the isolation principle.

Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips Benefits

  • Creates a full muscle development.
  • Recruits greater amounts of muscle fibers, stronger muscle contractions.
  • Ability to alter angles by changing grip of fingers.
  • Joint rotation ball allows free movement.
  • Ability to easily train unilaterally or bilaterally.
  • Continuous muscle tension.
  • Ability to hit the alls arm muscle.
  • Opens the gateway of full muscle development.
  • Creates a full triceps and bicep.
  • Great for anyone who has arthritis.
  • Less joint pain by stabilizing the joint.
  • American made.

Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips Cons

Just one drawback: You need to keep an eye on Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips, because everyone seemed to want to grab them and use them when we left the machine for even the slightest moment.

Tips to get the Most Out of Vince Taylor's Powerballz-50 Smart Grips and Powerballz Training System

Vince Taylor's Smart Grips uses the combination joint recoil rotation principle. This principle isolates the muscle and tendons. To utilize this principle you must perfect the following:

  • Attach Powerballz to a cable pulley.Add light weight.
  • Hold the Powerballz in the fold of your fingers NOT in your palms (palms are always showing).
  • Begin the movement with palms facing down.
  • Rotate and curl your arm up working your bicep.
  • While rotating your arm, go back to starting position.
  • After doing a few reps, move Powerballz between the next pair of fingers and repeat, and again between the next pair of fingers.
  • After completing the above set, move the cable pulley to a different level and repeat the above movements.
  • After completing this set, once again raise the cable pulley again to another level and repeat.
  • Repeat with other arm.


With Vince's Taylor's Powerballz-50 Smart Grips you can work your entire back and rear delts using this principle.


Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips Cost

The cost for Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips is $65.00 for the set. (precision ball & 2 x smart grips ) or the Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips can be purchased separately ($15.00 for the precision ball and $25.00 Smart Grip).

How to buy Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips

To purchase Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let him know that you heard about it from the staff at www.Mybesthealthportal.net

Vince Taylor's Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips Reviewvince taylor smart grips

Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips are a state of the art way when training arms unilaterally. The comfort of use when gripping Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips becomes apparent after your first set. Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips creates a GREAT pump while using less cable weight. With a single movement you can hit the entire bicep muscle group by just adjusting the grip between your fingers, thus eliminating the need to locate other cable equipment or finding an open bench.

Having arthritic shoulders Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips are a lot more shoulder friendly than other cable attachments.

I’m sold on Vince Taylor’s Powerballz- 50 Smart Grips.

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