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  • 23 Jul 2017

    Health Benefits Of Kale: 10 Reasons You Should Eat Kale

    10 Health Benefits of Kale

    health benefits of kaleIf you are not getting the health benefits of kale, you should be because kale has grown to become one of the most healthiest foods around. This is mainly because of numerous studies have given us information showing the health benefits of green leafy vegetables, such as kale. Here are some health benefits of kale that you may want to start getting.

    1. It Lowers Your Cancer Risk

    A major benefit of eating kale is the potential it has to lower your cancer risk. The nutrients in kale have been shown to help prevent prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Nutrients like isothiocyanates and glucosinolates are a major reason for this benefit.

    2. High In Nutrients

    Kale just isn’t a healthy food, it is a superfood! It is included in a list of grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins that are loaded with a high amount of vitamins and minerals. Kale is high in vitamins such as A, C, B6 and vitamin K. It also has lots of potassium, magnesium, copper, and calcium. Also, in smaller amounts it has iron, phosphorus, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3.

    3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    It is very important to our health to eat foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. These foods will aid you in the fight against viruses and illnesses. Kale is a great source for ant-inflammatory properties and can help with autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and asthma. It is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

    4. High In Protein

    If you are looking to get protein from sources other than meat, nuts, or dairy, kale is a great option. Kale is an awesome alternative to eating meat, which is great news for vegetarians and vegans. A cup of kale contains around 3 grams of protein, but if you include it into a big salad, you can get even more.

    5. Helps Lower Cholesterol

    If you are looking to control or lower your cholesterol, kale is an ideal choice. High cholesterol levels have been shown to increase your risk for heart disease, so you must keep your levels low. Kale is even better when it is cooked, so find a dish to add it with.

    6. Help Detox Your Body

    If you have had a poor diet and are looking to eat healthier, kale is a great food to help cleanse your liver and give you a fresh start. Eating kale at the beginning of a diet allows you to detox your body from the harm you may have been doing with a poor diet.

    7. High In Vitamin C

    Many people will often turn to berries and citrus fruits when looking to increase their vitamin C intake. Kale is another great option as it has about 4.5 times more than spinach. Vitamin C also helps you to avoid infections and illnesses as it works like an antioxidant.

    8. High In Omega Fatty Acids

    It can’t be stated enough the importance of having omega-3 fatty acids included in your diet. Kale is a great source of omega fatty acids which is important because we cannot make these on are own. Omega fatty acids can only be gotten from an outside source. This helps in the prevention of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and stroke.

    9. Kale Is High In Vitamin K

    Vitamin K is often not much talked about, but vitamin K is very important. It helps to lower the risk of blood clotting by binding calcium inside your body. Kale is extremely high in vitamin K, having as much as 7 times the amount needed in a day in just one cup.

    10. High In Vitamin A

    Kale is high in vitamin A, which has cancer prevention properties. This vitamin can help with everything from lung cancer to oral cavity cancer. Vitamin A can also protect against age-related macular degeneration for better vision protection.


    I hope you now have a better understanding of the health benefits of kale. If you aren’t including kale in your diet, now is the time to do so.

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  • 16 Jul 2017

    Benefits Of Eating Strawberries: 4 Reasons To Start Eating More Today!

    Benefits Of Eating Strawberries

    benefits of eating strawberries In today’s article I will be discussing the benefits of eating strawberries and why you should start to add them to your daily diet.

    Do you grab a handful of strawberries and eat them as a snack? Do you add them to your morning smoothie? Add them into your cereal or salad? Whatever you do to eat strawberries, you should start to do more of it. There are many health benefits you can get from doing so.

    Strawberries not only are low in calories and fat, but they are loaded with many nutritional benefits. With each and every serving, you will be getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.

    Here are 4 reasons to eat more strawberries.

    1) Loaded With Antioxidants

    When it comes to foods with antioxidants, which fight carcinogens and bad cholesterol, strawberries are a great choice. There is a high level of concentrated antioxidants in strawberries. These antioxidants can help with everything from getting sick, reducing your cancer risk, and lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure. You can get these benefits just by grabbing a few for a snack or adding them into your morning yogurt or cereal.

    2) Burn Fat

    If you are struggling to try and lose weight, strawberries can make for a healthy snack and keep you from reaching for the more unhealthier snacks. Not only will they keep you from unhealthy snacking, they actually have some properties that can help you burn some of your stored fat.

    Unhealthy cravings are a big reason many people will not be successful in their weight loss journey. Strawberries can help keep your snacking healthier. A good way you can incorporate strawberries in your meal for instance would be to replace a side dish with a cup of strawberries.

    3) Improved Brain Function

    Strawberries are also a great way to help improve brain function especially as we age, which is a reason many doctors today now suggest seniors to eat more strawberries. The main reason for this is the antioxidants found in strawberries are able to help you maintain your fine motor skill levels, restore your memory, and help with your nervous system. If you are at a high risk of contracting such diseases as Dementia or Alzheimer’s, you should definitely think about increasing the amount of strawberries you eat.

    Getting more strawberries in your diet is as easy as making a morning or afternoon smoothie that contains milk, strawberries, yogurt, ice, and other fruits. Adding in other berries will give you even more antioxidants, while adding in fruits like apples and bananas, will be a healthy good addition to the smoothie.

    4) Stronger Immune System

    I have already mentioned about the health benefits you get from the antioxidants in strawberries, but did you know you also get a healthy dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be a great immune system booster, which can help you fight off viruses, infections, and illnesses. You will notice that making strawberries a part of your daily diet, you won’t be getting as many seasonal illnesses or sickness as you may usually get.


    I hope I have convinced you with these 4 benefits of eating strawberries that by adding them to your daily diet, it is a good way to help keep you healthy. With that being said, go and enjoy some strawberries!

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  • 8 Jul 2017

    Increase Protein In Your Protein Shake: 5 Easy Ways To Do It

    5 Easy Ways To Increase Protein In Your Shake

    Increase Protein In today’s post I am going to discuss 5 simple ingredients you can use to increase protein in your protein shake. Learn how you can get more protein than just what is in the powder.

    Many people like to start the day off with a protein shake, by adding in some simple ingredients it can give you even more protein in your shake.

    Here are 5 different ways you can increase the amount of protein in your shake.

    1) Try Adding In Some Peanut Butter

    Have you noticed that many protein shakes use peanut butter as one of their main ingredients? This is because it is a great healthy way to get more flavor and protein added to your shake. This also can be said for smoothies and why they use peanut butter. You can use the peanut butter from the jar that you are making your kids sandwiches with or go the organic route and use the unsalted natural kind found in your local health food store. Just by adding 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to your shake will give you an extra 8 grams of protein.

    2) Don’t Forget About the Veggies

    Adding in some healthy vegetables to your shake is another awesome way to add to the protein content. Some of the best vegetables to use are the healthy greens such as kale and spinach. If you add in just 1 cup of kale to your protein shake , you are gonna get another 4 grams of protein. You also get the added benefit of fiber when you use kale. Kale is just an awesome superfood that is low-fat, low-calorie and is loaded with plenty of vitamins, making this an extremely healthy addition to your shake. As far as taste goes, once you mix in the kale with all the other ingredients, it really won’t taste all that bad.

    3) Add In Some Oats or Grains

    If you are looking to add more nutrients, change the flavor, and thicken up your shake, oats and grains are a great option to do this. Many people do not realize that there are some oats and grains that have a good amount of protein in them. You also will be getting fiber which also helps the digestive system. One of the best options for this would be quinoa, which will give you another 8 grams of protein in your protein shake. Once it is all blended together, the flavor shouldn’t be changed much at all. Another good option is just adding regular oats.

    4) Add Some Fruit

    There are some fruits believe it or not that can add to your protein content. Adding in some fresh apricots or dried apricots to your protein shake can add around 4.4 grams of protein in approximately one cup. This is also a great way to give your shake more of a sweet taste to make it easier to drink. A great combination for this would be adding it to a strawberry protein and almond milk to make an awesome breakfast or anytime drink.

    5) Go Nuts

    If you use a blender for your shakes, it will be easy to add in some healthy nuts such as almonds to give you more protein. Almonds and other healthy nuts are a great way to get added protein. If you just mix your shake with a spoon, just chop them up and add it in.


    I hope these 5 simple ways to increase protein amounts in your shakes gave you some easy ways to add more protein to your shakes. If you are looking for a great place to get your protein shake, check out the great prices and selection here.

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  • 3 Jul 2017

    Rowing Machine Benefits: 3 Reasons To Use The Rowing Machine

    Rowing Machine Benefits

    rowing machine benefits In this post I will be discussing 3 rowing machine benefits you can get from using the exercise rower.  A workout that includes using the rowing machine, can get you in great shape. It can help you get toned and even add a little bit of muscle. Using the rowing machine can also be great for those not looking to put a bunch of strain on their joints.

    Here Are 3 Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

    1. Weight Loss

    Burning more calories than you take in is an important part of weight loss and the rowing machine can have you burning calories. With these additional calories that you can burn, along with a proper diet, you can expect some weight loss. You can quick and easily burn many calories with a rowing machine. Thee average 200 pound person can easily burn around 400 calories in a half hour. This would be at a higher intensity workout. With a lower intensity workout you can still burn around 200 calories in a half hour.

    2. Cardiovascular Benefits

    There are some cardiovascular benefits from using the rowing machine. It can increase the functionality of your heart and give you better endurance. If you are looking to workout at a fast pace, you can set the resistance to low. This will try to keep your body in an aerobic state. When in an aerobic state your circulation, heart, and lungs will start improve the way they function. Increase blood flow and circulation keeps everything working at optimal levels.

    3. Full Body Workout

    You will be using just about every major muscle when using a rowing machine. So you can achieve this full body workout without added stress on your joints. With every stroke you take you will be working your arms, shoulders, back, butt, legs, and hips. If you want to work your muscles even harder, just increase the resistance. The stronger you get, the more resistance you will be wanting to use.

    Proper Use Of A Rowing Machine

    • One of the first thing you want to do when you first sit down at a rowing machine is to adjust the resistance. This is especially important for beginners. If it is your first time using a rowing machine, use the easiest resistance to get comfortable with it. You can always increase the resistance as you get stronger.
    • Once you have the resistance adjusted, place your feet in the pedals and get ready to row. It is important to make sure your feet are secure in the pedals.
    • Adjust the foot straps to your desire. Do not miss out on this step. The position of your feet can have an affect on how much you are using your legs in the workout.
    • You are now ready to start rowing. In the first position your elbows should be bent and your knees close to your chest. This is the position you will begin.
    • You do not want to be arching your back over. Keep your back as straight as possible.
    • Now you can push off with your feet. This will drive you backwards. As you begin to push back you will pull the handle towards your stomach.
    • Always remember to keep your back straight throughout the movement.
    • Repeat this process for as long as you can.
    • If you are a beginner, try to go for 5 minutes.
    • As your stamina increases, you will be able to go for a longer period of time.


    These are just a few rowing machine benefits that you can get when you add it into your fitness routine. The rowing machine has been around for a long time and may not be a flashy as some of the newest equipment available. This shouldn’t matter because the results you can get will speak for themselves.


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  • 17 Jun 2017

    Feeling Tired All Day? 8 Natural Remedies To Fight Fatigue

    Feeling Tired All Day? 8 Ways To Fight Off Fatigue

    feeling tired all dayIf you have constantly been feeling tired all day or lethargic, you may be battling the symptoms of fatigue. This article has 8 natural remedies to help you battle fatigue.

    When you are feeling fatigued, you will get the feeling of being physically and mentally drained. Daily tasks that you would have no problem doing have now become a struggle to get done.

    There are several different reasons why you may be feeling fatigued. Some of these reasons could be from a lack of sleep, illness, over stimulation, mental stress, and depression. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, here are some natural remedies that can give you a boost of energy without a crash later.

    8 Ways To Stop Feeling Tired All Day

    #1 Eating A Healthy Breakfast

    One of the first things you should make sure you do to start your day is eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal that will give you fuel for your day. Eating breakfast will give your energy levels a boost. With this much needed fuel, you will be able to get your daily tasks done.

    Skipping breakfast can have you setting yourself up for an unproductive day. It is important to make breakfast a part of your morning routine. A healthy breakfast at about 300 calories can be sufficient enough.

    #2 Eat Broccoli

    Broccoli is just one of those foods that have so many health benefits and fighting fatigue is one of them. It is packed with dietary fiber that can help in the reducing of adrenal damage often caused from fatigue and stress. This will give you better blood sugar levels and have less glucose in the body.

    Broccoli can help keep you maintain a healthy weight which will help control bodyfat. Having too much bodyfat causes an increase in the hormone cortisol in your body. When you have this happen, you will gain weight. Eating broccoli can help reduce insulin resistance and improve blood sugar metabolism.

    #3 Get Much Needed Rest

    You can not overstate the importance of sleep. In order for your mind and body to function at optimal levels, you should be getting an adequate amount of sleep. Getting enough sleep will help keep you from getting fatigued. Plenty of rest can give you feeling of rejuvenation and ready to tackle your day. It is when you don’t get enough sleep that the feeling of being sluggish or not able to focus occurs.

    #4 Try Some Lemon Balm

    There are a variety of different ailment that this perennial herb is used for. There is a calming effect that can be found in the chemicals it contains. Your level of mental fatigue is lowered when you are calm. Lemon balm tea can be made with the leaves to give you a calming restful sleep.

    #5 Take a Warm Salt Bath

    A nice warm salt bath are a great way to help release your fatigue. A tub of lukewarm water and a little salt is all that is needed. Sit in the salt water bath for about 10-15 minutes. Allow your body to just sit and relax. Do not let your hair or face get in the salt water. You should be submerged from the neck down in this soothing bath.

    #6 Have a Glass of Wine

    This one will probably be the most popular remedy on the list. A glass of wine is sometimes all that is needed to get rid of fatigue.

    Mix red wine with:

    • 25gm of rosemary
    • 25gm of sage
    • 2tsps of honey

    Get a glass container and mix the sage, rosemary, and wine together.

    Place the glass container for 20 minutes in a pot of boiling hot water.

    Take the container out of the water, strain the liquid, and add the honey in.

    Let it cool off for a little bit and enjoy. It is a great way to end any day.

    #7 Consume Rose Petals

    Depression and tension has been often dealt with the use of rose petals. Depression and tension are often a result from mental fatigue. Mix 20 to 30 rose petals in a glass of water. The mixture should be boiled for about 15 minutes. When it has finally cooled down, store it in an airtight container. Drink this about 3 times a day and watch your fatigue disappear.

    #8 Eat Your Spinach

    If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, eating spinach may be one of the best ways to fight it off. Spinach is a very high nutrient rich food. It contains folate, which helps fight fatigue. Spinach also gives your body many other healthy nutrients.

    You should try to consume spinach at least once a day. It really doesn’t matter if you eat it or drink it in a smoothie, as long as you get it in your body. Try different ideas so you do not get sick of it.


    I hope these 8 natural remedies will help you fight off the fatigue you are dealing with. So if you are feeling tired all day, try some or all of these tips out and put your fatigue symptoms to rest.


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  • 11 Jun 2017

    Sugar Effects On The Body: How Sugar Destroys Your Waistline

    Sugar Effects On The Body

    Sugar Effects On The BodyThis article takes a look at the sugar effects on the body and how it may be the reason why you have an expanding waistline.

    Often, when we are finding our waistlines expanding, we are quick to fault the blame on fats. In reality, it just may be the sugar in our diets that is causing weight gain. We already know about how sugar can lead to such health problems as diabetes, but many people just don’t realize how it may be effecting our weight.

    If you want to understand the detrimental effects sugar has on weight loss efforts you have to understand what goes on when in our bodies when we consume sugar.

    When Sugar Enters The Body

    When we consume food with sugar in it, our body will use it in two ways, it will either use it for energy or store it as fat. If it is a moderate amount of sugar, our bodies can use fiber to help convert it into energy without any left over to convert to fat. However, when you take in a high amount of sugar, your pancreas will detect this and release the hormone called insulin to handle the extra sugar.

    Insulin has the responsibility of keeping the level of sugar in our bloodstream regulated, this means there will be more insulin released by the pancreas with the more sugar consumed. Insulin is what is responsible for the lowering of blood sugar. Insulin helps store sugar in our bodies as glycogen in fat cells, and glucose, or energy, in the liver.

    Glycogen is actually triglycerides, the fatty deposits created by the liver in the blood to repair and build your body’s tissues. Your liver will react to high doses of insulin and sugar by releasing more triglycerides. This release of extra triglycerides signals your body to store abdominal fat for later use.

    What this means is consuming high amounts of sugar, fructose especially, our body will be storing it as fat, especially around the waistline. The process of releasing high amounts of insulin to fight off sugar will lead to your cells becoming insulin resistant, which leads to type 2 diabetes. When there is a resistant to insulin in your body, your metabolism will no longer function properly, this will lead to a gaining of weight.


    The average American will consume about 32 teaspoons of added sugar every day according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.This amount is equivalent to 108 pounds of sugar every year, and this is without the inclusion of the carbohydrates that are converted into sugar, or sugars that occur naturally in some of our foods. It is safe to say, sugar is a major reason for the obesity problem in America.

    Ultimately, cutting out sugar is almost impossible. There are loads of foods that contain added sugar and carbohydrates that will convert into sugar after we eat them. The standard recommended amount of sugar to consume in a day is six teaspoons for women and nine for men.

    It is important to choose foods that contain the least amounts of added sugar. Also, eat whole fruits over fruits juices because the fiber that is contained in the whole fruit will be more effective in the breaking down of sugars.

    Drink water instead of soda and eliminate processed foods as much as possible because they have negative effects on your waistline and on your health.

    Get rid of table sugar altogether, and if you do need to use it, use the less processed raw sugar. Moderation is the key!

    The article, Sugar Effects On The Body: How Sugar Destroys Your Waistline, is for informational purposes only. Always consult your doctor with any health concerns.


    The post Sugar Effects On The Body: How Sugar Destroys Your Waistline appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 3 Jun 2017

    The 3 Week Diet Product Review: Is It Worth Getting?

    The 3 Week Diet Product Review

    3 Week Diet Product ReviewThis 3 Week Diet product review will take a look at one of the best selling diet programs online and whether it is worth getting.

    Description of Product:

    One of the biggest problems that many face today is obesity. The struggle to lose weight and keep it off is a battle many are facing.

    A sedentary lifestyle along with poor diet choices are two of the biggest contributors to the rise in obesity. Also, such things as high fructose corn syrup in many processed foods has added to the problem.

    People are getting fatter at a faster rate. They desire to lose the excess pounds now. They are looking for quick results even though weight loss is a slow process.

    The desire to lose weight quickly has made the “3 Week Diet” extremely popular with thousands of satisfied customers. The good news is that you actually can get results with the 3 Week Diet.

    Unlike methods that hardly get any results and diet pills, the 3 Week Diet system has many positive testimonials on their website from many of the satisfied buyers.

    A good reason why this system works is because of the experience that the creator, Brian Flatt, has in the field. He created the program to end many of the weight loss misconceptions that are out and to give his clients an easy to follow system that worked.

    The 3 Week Diet system which involves the combination of a sensible diet, exercise, and a motivation to succeed. The diet, which is ketogenic, will have you eating healthy whole foods in order to make it easier to lose fat.

    It includes the eating of healthy fats, which may seem a bit counter productive but it is actually backed by solid science. Brian will show you step-by-step on what is needed to do to have success.

    3 Week Diet Product Review –  The Good Points:

    1) This has been an online best seller for a while so you know it isn’t just a here today gone tomorrow system. In fact, the product has been around for a few years now. So, it has stood the test of time. Poor products will never last for long. Furthermore, it is hard to argue the fact the program works with the amount of testimonials from satisfied customers.

    The 3 Week Diet claims that you will be able to lose 12-20 pounds in a week period. The system provides you with a meal plan and a nutrition guide to help you get results.

    The program is not difficult to follow and you should see some results with it.

    2) One of the major reasons people fail at weight loss is because they don’t do what needs to be done. They often have no plan, waste time and effort, and then just give up.

    Brian will deliver to you the best weight loss strategies and tips he has gained from working in the field. This is good information that people never realize in order to achieve fat loss. Thankfully, Brian has all this information in his guide and will take doing things wrong out of the equation.

    3) The 3 Week Diet can be downloaded immediately after you purchase it. You can start the program today and start seeing results within 21 days.

    4) There is also a full refund policy for the product. If you feel like the product didn’t help you or you didn’t lose weight, you can get your money back. That makes the product risk-free. The refund policy is actually for 60 days at the time of this writing.

    3 Week Diet Product Review – The Bad Points:

    1) There are some additional supplements that Brian recommends to really accelerate the weight loss progress. While this isn’t necessary to get results, it does help.

    So, you may want to spend a little extra money on the supplements…but that is really your choice. The system will still work without the additional supplements. It really just depends on if you want to follow his system to the fullest or not.

    2) The amount of weight loss claimed is a bit over the top. While it is possible to lose 12 pounds over the 3 weeks, losing 20 pounds is being unrealistic. To do this it will take a dramatic calorie restriction, high intensity exercise, and even that doesn’t mean you will get to the 20 pounds. Not to mention that it really isn’t healthy to lose that much in 3 weeks.

    So, be realistic and you will get results. A reasonable amount probably would be 10-14 pounds in the 3 weeks which is still a good amount that will change the way you look.

    Should You Get The Program?

    If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight and keep it off, then yes you should. The program is perfect for those who are looking for a quick way to lose some pounds by giving you a plan. It is good for the person who wants to eat healthier and doesn’t know where to begin.

    Unlike many weight loss diet systems out that are based on theory, this program is designed for speed. It gives you a plan that you can continue with to stay eating healthy.

    If you desire to lose weight fast and drop anywhere from 10-14 pounds, you should absolutely try this out.

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    This article, the 3 Week Diet Product Review is for informational purposes only.

    Check out the video below…

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  • 27 May 2017

    Does Drinking Water Make You Lose Weight? Water and Weight Loss

    Does Drinking Water Make You Lose Weight?

    Does Drinking Water Make You Lose Weight?We have all heard about the benefits of water, but does drinking water make you lose weight? When a person sets a goal for weight loss, they often focus on counting calories and the kinds of food they are eating. However, if it is fat loss you desire, it is just as important to drink water as it is to counting the calories and the types of foods you are eating. In this post I’m going to talk about how drinking water can help increase your weight loss efforts and give you some tips on how to make sure you are drinking water every day.

    Just How Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

    1) Water Has Zero Calories: Water does not contain any calories so if you consume several glasses a day you will not have to worry about the impact on gaining weight. Also, by consuming water, you will be avoiding drinking those other high calorie, sugary, drinks like soda or fruit punch, which destroys your weight loss efforts.

    2) Water Will Keep You Hydrated: There are several health issues that can occur from being dehydrated. It can also slow down the fat burning process and bring your metabolism to a halt. Therefore, by staying hydrated you will have your body burning the optimum number of calories it can burn throughout the day.

    3) Keeps You Feeling Full: Drinking water can keep those cravings for unhealthy snacking away. Water can keep you from the in between meals snacking that can be a diet destroyer. It also has been shown that drinking water before a meal can have you consuming less calories because of the filling effects of water.

    4 Tips On How To Make Sure You Drink Water Everyday

    Drinking water everyday is not difficult to do bu for some people they have trouble achieving this goal. Here are four tips below that you can implement to make sure you are getting your water in each day.

    1) Always Have A Water Bottle With You: Keeping a water bottle with you at all times can make sure you are getting enough water. Click here if you need a bottle that will last forever and keep your drink ice cold. Having a bottle with you at all times will give you a constant supply of water that you can sip through the day and easily refill.

    2) Enjoy Some Hot Drinks Also: Black tea, green tea, coffee, and other hot drinks are an excellent sources of water and will give you some variety with your water intakes. Just watch out for the added stuff in some of these drinks. Green and black tea can also give you a boost of added nutrients.

    3) Use Water Reminders: An easy way to remember to drink water is to set your phone up with an alert at various times a day. If you have trouble in remember to drink water, these reminders will help you remember to drink up. If you have trouble drinking it all at once, try sipping and set an alert at a time you should be finished.

    4) Don’t Forget Fruits: One last way to make sure you get in enough water is to snack on healthy fruits. Most fruits contain over 50% water so by eating them, you will satisfy your appetite with a low calorie food. You will also get all the good health benefits eating fruits have.


    So the question was does drinking water make you lose weight? The answer is a bit more complicated than yes or no because there are many other factors involved. The truth is, drinking water is a very important contributor to weight loss and with many other health benefits. So if you want to lose weight or just get healthier, drinking an adequate amount of water each day is vital to reaching your goals.

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  • 20 May 2017

    Signs Of Dehydration In Adults: What You Need To Know

    Signs Of Dehydration In Adults

    signs of dehydration in adults If you are someone who exercises often or just someone who sweats a bunch, you should know about the signs of dehydration in adults.

    There are several things that will show signs of dehydration in adults. Dehydration can be caused by such things as not drinking enough, severe diarrhea, or excessive sweating.If you have mild or moderate dehydration, you can easily correct the problem by taking in more fluids. The problem gets serious when the dehydration becomes severe. This is when you may have to have IV fluids to correct the condition.

    Signs and Symptoms of Mild To Moderate Dehydration

    • Dry mouth
    • Increased thirstiness
    • Feeling sleepy or fatigued all the time
    • Urine that Is more yellow than usual
    • Dizziness
    • Having flaky or dry skin
    • Headache from low blood volume

    The Following Symptoms Of Severe Dehydration

    • Lightheaded or very severe dizziness.
    • Orthostatic hypotension – This is when your blood pressure drops severely, especially when you try to get back up after sitting or lying down.
    • Increased heart rate as the heart is trying to compensate for low blood volume
    • Fever
    • State of confusion
    • Falling Into a coma
    • Life threatening extreme shock

    Dehydration can sometimes just sneak up on, especially if you are highly engaged in an activity or are in a sickened state. As soon as you start to feel any symptoms, you should start to hydrate yourself.

    Mild To Moderate Dehydration Treatment

    Mild symptoms can be taken care of by drinking more fluids Water is one of the best choices for treating dehydration. Other great choices can include sports drinks such as Gatorade or PowerAde. These drinks will also give you electrolytes, which can be lost in sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting. If your symptoms are from being sick, your doctor can prescribe some anti-nausea medication.

    Treating Dehydration That Is Severe

    If you are suffering from severe dehydration or showing some of the symptoms of severe dehydration that are listed above, you may want to go to the hospital. Severe dehydration will need IV fluid intake. IV fluids will help restore your electrolyte balance. IV fluids contain a sugar and salt solution that contain the needed electrolytes. It may just take as little as a liter of IV fluid to start to eliminate the dehydration symptoms or as much as 5 or more liters of IV fluids to help.

    Severe Dehydration Complications

    One of the main complications of severe dehydration that can happen, besides having seizures, is the damage that can be done to the kidneys. The kidneys need fluid to flush tubules and if there is no fluid, kidney failure is something that can happen. The kidneys, without fluid, can shut down and only go back to normal functioning with the careful replacement of the much needed fluids. Time in replacing the fluids is important also. If you try and replace the fluids too fast, cerebral edema and electrolyte disturbance within the brain can occur.

    Stay Hydrated

    One way to avoid these horrible consequences is to drink water on a regular basis. This can be easily done when you always have access to water. Try and keep a water bottle close to you at all times, whether it be at work or at home. Carry a smaller one with you in your bag and refill it throughout the day. I hope you now have a better understanding on the signs of dehydration in adults and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening.

    The post Signs Of Dehydration In Adults: What You Need To Know appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 13 May 2017

    Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review: Should You Get It?

    Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review

    Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product ReviewThis product is probably one of the most unique products that have come out in a while, so I decided to write the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review.


    While most of the weight loss and fitness products available are about exercise or diet, Unlock Your Hip Flexors, is about having more energy and even about losing weight by the loosening of tight hip flexor muscles.

    The truth is, most people have never even heard about hip flexors, never mind increasing their flexibility. That has not stopped people from purchasing the product by the look of the number of sales.

    In fact, this product is one of the top seller’s online and has many satisfied customers. This has been true now for a couple years. If you checked the official site, you will find many positive testimonials from people who are benefiting from this.

    The product was created by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal. Unlock Your Hip Flexors delivers a promise to have you feeling more energetic and performing everyday activities easier. It will only take 15 minutes out of your day to implement.

    True, these are some bold claims but people who have been using these methods do swear by them and this is why the product is a top seller. So, you are probably wondering just what are hip flexors?

    This is understandable as these muscles are never really talked about. The hip flexor muscles are extremely important as they are involved in most activities like stepping, bending, twisting, walking, and more.

    It is when these muscles are tight that these activities become harder and harder to perform.

    Having tight hip flexors can cause such problems as:

    • Tight Hips-Increase Anxiety Levels
    • Weak Immune System
    • Joint Pain
    • Circulatory Issues
    • Walking Difficulties
    • Loss of Sexual Desire
    • Bad Posture
    • Digestive Issues
    • Insomnia and Poor Sleep Quality

    These symptoms are experienced by so many people all over the world that the relation to tight hips is never really considered. But the fact is they could be related. If you have relaxed and flexible hip flexors, you will feel more energetic.

    Lets take a look at the good points and the bad points of this product and see if it lives up to the claims.

    The Good Points:

    1.  Let’s first take a look at the price. When you look at the price, it is actually cheaper than having to go visit the doctor. It is very affordable and the information is easy to follow and very detailed.
    2. There isn’t a need to spend hours upon hours on exercises. It actually will just take 10-15 minutes out of your day. This can easily be done at home or really just about anywhere.
    3.  It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is as it works for beginners as well as the athlete. The information provided will have you reducing any stiffness you have and give you more flexibility.
    4.   You may notice that pain in several areas such as the back, neck, and shoulders will slowly disappear when you unlock your hip flexors. These are all related to having tight psoas muscles.
    5.  The developers of Unlock Your Hip Flexors have a bunch of fitness experience and are professionals in their field. They are well respected and trusted.
    6.  The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee when you purchase this product. So, you can always ask for a refund if you feel this isn’t for you.


    The Bad Points:

    1.  It does take some time to start to get the benefits. The results aren’t overnight. Actually, these techniques should take about 3 weeks to start seeing improvements. The problem is most people are impatient and give up before that. You have to be consistent to see results, but the results are worth it.
    2.  This product is only available online. You must have a computer and the internet to download it. Of course, it can be printed once you download it.


    Should You Try It? Yes, this is an excellent guide.

    Stretching and flexibility is usually neglected due to our sedentary lifestyle. Even if you are an avid exerciser, chances are that your flexibility has been neglected.

    The exercises don’t take much time and are simple to do. By following this guide, your body will become healthier and more agile. This can help with the prevention of many health problems and help the aging process be a less painful one.

    If you suffer from not being able to sleep or have pain issues that can’t be explained, it is worth trying Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Having the backing of the refund policy, you have pretty much nothing to lose. I hope my Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review gives you an understanding of the product.

    Get it started today. You’ll be very happy you did.

    >>> Get Unlock Your Hip Flexors Now <<<

    Reduce Back Pain with This Hip Flexor Stretch

    Unlock Your Hip Flexors

    The post Unlock Your Hip Flexors Product Review: Should You Get It? appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.





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