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  • 22 May 2016

    Exercise Half Ball: What Is It and Why You Should Use It!

    Just What Is That Exercise Half Ball?

    exercise half ballIf you have wondered what the heck is that exercise half ball at your gym and how you can benefit from it, then I hope this post can help.

    It is called the BOSU ball and was created by David Weck in 2000. Simply put, it is a stability ball that has been cut in half and a solid base attached to it. The term BOSU means “both sides up” which is exactly how this exercise half ball can be used. In the post I hope to give you a better understanding of the BOSU ball and the main benefits that can be achieved from using it.

    Just How Can You Use The BOSU Ball?

    As I stated before, the BOSU can be used on either side. When you use the dome side up it will give you more stability because the bottom of it is resting on the flat platform. If you are a beginner or just starting to use this training device then it is suggested to use the dome side up to give you better balance and a feel for this fitness training device.

    Once you are comfortable with it, you can flip it over and try using it with the platform side up. Using the platform side up with the dome being on the floor will be more challenging but will lead to improvements in your core stability and your balance.

    There are many BOSU exercises that you can perform to take your fitness to a new level. Many of the traditional strength and cardiovascular exercises can be used with the BOSU ball. It also can be used by those looking to improve on their balance and flexibility. If you do a quick search on the internet for BOSU exercises you may be surprised by the number of different exercises that can be performed. Such exercises as squats, curls, and shoulder presses, can all be done on this fitness training device.

    What Are Some Benefits of BOSU Ball Training?

    Training with the BOSU ball can have several benefits and I have listed some of the key benefits below:

    1) Balance:- One of the biggest benefits of training with the BOSU ball is the improvements you will have with your balance. Whether it be standing on one foot, or doing a squat with the dome side down, your balance will greatly improve if you include it to your exercise routine.

    2) Core Strength:- Having to stabilize yourself on the BOSU engages your core muscles which leads to an improvement in your core strength. Crunches, planks, twists, and any other exercise you do for your core will be more challenging when done on the BOSU.

    3) Calories Burned:- Yes you can actually burn more calories when doing traditional exercises because there is more muscles involved to help stabilize your body. Whether it be strength training or a more cardiovascular exercise like a mountain climber, try it on the BOSU and burn more calories.


    I hope this post has given you a better idea of just what that exercise half ball is at your gym and how you can actually benefit using it. The BOSU ball is definitely a piece of fitness equipment you should add into your exercise routine to get the most out of your body and workouts.

    I have included a video below of 5 great exercises for your abs and obliques you can do on the BOSU ball.

    The post Exercise Half Ball: What Is It and Why You Should Use It! appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 7 May 2016

    Stop Eating These 5 Diet Destroyers Now

    5 Things You Should Stop Eating For Weight Loss

    stop eatingChoosing to eat healthy is a great step to living healthy but what you may not know is that there may be some so called healthy foods that you must stop eating to get results. Go up and down the isles in the supermarket and you will find so called healthy alternatives such as no fat, reduced fat, low fat, all which are marketing strategies to help you buy their products. The truth is that often these labels aren’t always giving you the big picture of what their product is really is. Here are just a few ways you could be ruining your weight loss program and why you need to stop eating these foods now.

    Healthier Junk Food?

    Whether it be crackers, chips, or even salads at fast food joints, there is a big push to market these things as healthier options. The problem is most of what you are seeing is just a marketing ploy. Some of these “healthier” snacks that are labeled as no fat or low fat, often contain hidden sugars that are high in calories. True one low fat cookie may just be 50 calories but how many people just stick to eating one cookie.

    To really know what you are eating, pay close attention to the serving sizes and careful read the food labels. Just keep in mind that no matter how healthy these snack foods claim to be, your goal is to be healthier, so just stop eating them.

    Diet Drinks

    This could be one of the biggest culprits to sabotaging your weight loss efforts as the claim for zero calories or adding the word diet to soda has many believing this to be a healthier choice. These diet drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that can actually trigger a craving for sweets and have you wanting to eat more. An actual healthy alternative would be to add orange or lemon slices to water to give yourself a sweet healthy drink.

    Salad Dressing

    This one is really just a matter of how bad do you really want to reach your weight loss goals. Salad can be very good for you but the problem is many people just need to have a dressing on it so they choose a low fat salad dressing thinking it is still healthy. However, just like I discussed with the snacks. low fat and low calorie salad dressing may be loaded with extra sugar to help give it flavor. Better options would be vinaigrettes that are made from olive oil or even find a way to make your own to make sure you know what is going on your salad. Once again, if you do decide to buy a salad dressing just make sure to read the nutrition label carefully.

    Refined Grains Foods

    Your weight loss goals will most certainly be hampered if you take in foods made of refined grains. These weight loss destroyers include white rice, white pasta, white bread, and all-purpose flours. The lack of key nutrients and lack of fiber has these foods with little to no nutritional value. Stop eating them now.



    Why stop eating something with veggies, fruit and ice? The problem is buying them from their local shop or buying the pre-packaged ones aren’t the best options. These smoothies can often contain high amounts of extras like chocolate, syrups, and sugary yogurts. These healthy drinks can easily go from a healthy weight loss drink to a calorie filled drink that is just as bad as a milkshake. The best thing to do is get yourself a blender and make up your own healthy smoothie with ingredients that you buy yourself so you know what you are drinking.


    I hope that if you are struggling with losing weight, this post can be of some help to you. The important thing is to not give up and to stop eating these foods today to help improve your chances of getting the weight loss results you have wanted.

    The post Stop Eating These 5 Diet Destroyers Now appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 23 Apr 2016

    Want a Flat Stomach? 5 Mistakes That Will Stop Your Results

    Flat Stomach Mistakes To Avoid

    flat stomachThe desire to want a flat stomach may sometimes have you overlooking some crucial mistakes that can eventually crush your goals of getting a flatter stomach. All the hard work you are putting in in your ab workout routine will be for not if you are not putting in a complete effort. The truth is, if you are not eating and exercising correctly then losing abdominal fat will never happen and your efforts to flatten your stomach will be worthless. Sometimes it could just be a small tweak in your exercise regimen or diet to have you on your way to getting a flat stomach, so make sure you are not making these 5 mistakes.

    Mistake 1: Ab Workout Over Diet

    The most important factor to achieving a flat stomach is not your ab workout routine but the quality and amount of food you are consuming on a daily basis. The number of crunches you do in your ab workout isn’t as important as the amount of calories you are consuming, especially if they are from processed foods. Why waste all that time on focusing on your ab workout only to ruin all that hard work by consuming unhealthy food or drinks. Processed foods, sugary foods, empty calorie drinks, are all detrimental to getting the flatter stomach you want. Choose foods that are healthy such as green leafy vegetables, fresh produce, and natural, nutrient rich foods that will have you feeling healthier and more energetic.

    Mistake 2: Relying On Ab Workouts Only

    You can do all the crunches and sit-ups in the world and still not get a flatter stomach. Doing these exercises will strengthen the abdominal muscles but they will not do anything for removing intra-abdominal fat. Getting rid of this type of belly fat will take a combination of proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercises, and exercises that use many muscle groups like you would in circuit training. Total body circuit training will burn more calories because you will be using many more muscle groups than you would if you were to only do an ab workout.

    Mistake 3: Starving Yourself

    This is one of those things that many believe because if they just don’t eat, then they can’t get fat and will lose weight. True, reducing calories is a step taken to drop some pounds and lose belly fat. However, the approach of starving yourself and taking in next to no calories will do more harm than good. When you do not eat enough calories to even sustain basic biological functions, it will lead to a slower metabolism, cause your body to use muscle tissue for energy, and eventually store more fat when you do start to eat.

    Mistake 4: Relying On Weight Loss Supplements

    We have all seen the ads about losing an extremely large amount of weight in short periods of time just by taking some miracle pill. However, most of these claims turn out to be worthless because even the best supplement will not work without changing your ways and changing your nutrition and activity amount. Instead of going down the road of supplementation, you should make sure you are exercising on a regular basis and have a diet that is packed with healthy foods. When you have this all met you may find you are getting results without that magic pill!

    Mistake 5: Eliminating Carbs

    True, taking in a large amount of carbs in your diet can lead to weight gain, but cutting carbohydrates out of your diet completely because you desire a flat stomach is a recipe for failure. Carbohydrates play an important role in supplying our bodies with the energy it needs to function and also helps optimize the rate the body burns calories. Carbs contain many vitamins and minerals and more importantly contain fiber which has many benefits to the body and can even make you feel fuller longer. Therefore, a diet that contains healthy carbs such as the one’s found in fruits and vegetables can keep you on track to getting that flat stomach.


    I hope I have helped you realize some mistakes you may unknowingly be making as you work hard in trying to achieve a flatter stomach. It takes commitment of proper nutrition, consistent exercise, which is more than just your ab workout routine, and getting plenty of rest, to reach your ultimate goal of getting a flat stomach.

    The post Want a Flat Stomach? 5 Mistakes That Will Stop Your Results appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 3 Apr 2016

    Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need To Do It Now

    Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons Why You Must

    cutting out sugarJust a few years ago, the talk was cutting back on using salt. Then, sugar became the focus and we were told that cutting out sugar was important because it caused obesity, type-2 diabetes, and many other health problems.

    Here we are in 2016, the more we have learned, the more cutting out sugar seems to be the only answer. This may be one of those things that is easier said then done mainly because of the sweet tooth many of us have. Over the years, the more sugar we have eaten has given our bodies a craving to have it. The more you have, the more you want.

    A report in the Huffington Post states that in the US, the average person takes in as much as 126 grams of sugar on a daily basis, which is about double that of 54 other countries according to Euromonitor.

    Also, the intake of 126 grams is double the recommended daily intake of 50 grams, according to the World Health Organization.

    However, cutting out sugar from your diet may be the best thing you can do for your health. I have put together ten reasons why you should be eliminating sugar from your diet.

    Sugar Can Cause Depression

    According to Prevention magazine, sugar is on the list of 5 foods that can lead to depression. There have been several other studies that suggest a link between depression and sugar consumption.

    It is important to consider the fact that when we eat foods, the calories, sugars, and nutrients go through the digestive system and also are sent to our brains.


    In 2014, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail claimed “sugar is the new tobacco”, which caused the NHS to respond.

    The finding from the NHS is that there is a link between obesity and sugar and the main cause of this being the empty calories that are stored for days from sugar to be used for energy. The fact is your body will get energy from other sources causing that stored up sugar to never be used and turn into fat.

    High Blood Pressure

    The Mayo Clinic states that one of the reasons more and more American’s are being diagnosed with high blood pressure is because of their poor diet.

    The more you consume sugar, the more you will raise your bad cholesterol levels which causes your blood sugar to rise.

    Increased Heart Attack Risk

    Whatever weight you are at, your risk of getting a heart attack increases with eating more sugar.

    Studies have shown that people who take in 25% more sugar than others have a greater risk of dying from a heart attack.

    Sugar Addiction

    True, sugar is not a drug, but it can have the same addictive effects as some drugs. Sugar can take over the the same neutral pathways that cocaine and heroin use giving people that craving for more.

    Also, sugar can be abused just like any drug and lead to sugar addiction.

    Fatty Liver Disease

    There are two simple types of sugars that sugar is comprised of, Fructose and Glucose.

    Fructose can claim to be the “evil twin” as it will head straight to your liver. The constant abuse of sugar can cause a fatty liver, and if this condition is untreated it will lead to liver disease.


    The biggest health condition that sugar has been known to have effects on is diabetes.

    Insulin is the hormone that turns sugar into fuel and when the pancreas can’t create enough insulin, diabetes happens.

    There is no known cure for diabetes but it is something that is absolutely preventable.


    When it comes to cancer, the studies are in the early stages but early research has shown a possible connection.

    Tooth Decay

    Sugar is know to cause tooth decay and the more it is consumed, the more severe the problem can get.

    Over time, sugary foods can lead to plaque build up which can lead to tooth loss.

    Increase In Appetite

    Like I stated before, sugar can be addictive, causing you to want to eat more and more. Cutting out sugar will help regulate your appetite and keep all those cravings at bay.


    I hope this post has given you some good reasons for cutting out sugar from your diet. If you find it hard to eliminate sugar from your diet then consider taking small steps and do it gradually. Just remember the sooner you do it, the better off you will be.

    The post Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need To Do It Now appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 20 Mar 2016

    Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Strengthen It

    Do You Have Weak Core Muscles?

    core musclesWhen it comes to neglected body parts, the core muscles are at the top of the list as having large biceps or tone legs seem to be the focus to look more attractive.

    The core muscles, which are some of the most functional and important muscles we have, play a major role in how we perform and stay safe during everyday activities. The core is not just the abdominal muscles as it also includes the lower back, obliques, and pelvis.

    If you are showing any of the signs below , then you may have a weak core.

    You Have Poor Posture

    Hunching over when standing, slumping over when sitting, and slouching when walking, are all signs your core is weak. The core muscles wrap around the abdomen and play an important role in preventing your body from toppling over as they help keep your back in the correct alignment. If you attempt to keep your back straight but after a few minutes start feeling fatigued doing so, this can mean the muscles of the core just aren’t strong enough to keep your body supported.

    Pain In The Lower Back

    While lower back pain doesn’t always mean it is from a weak core, it can be one of the symptoms associated with it. This lower back pain can occur when performing exercise with poor form or just from regular activities not being done correctly.

    A great example of poor form is the sit-ups as many people use their back and hip flexors to do the exercise rather than their stomach muscles which can cause unecessary pain and stress. When you are not able to count on your core muscles for power, you are putting the rest of your body at risk.

    Poor Balance

    As stated before, the muscles of the core helps maintain posture, and it is also responsible for keeping you balanced during movement. Many people who have a weak core will display a difficulty in balance in such activities as walking long distances or standing for a prolonged time.

    The main reason for this is that the core muscles will fatigue quickly and are not capable of keeping the lower and upper body working in unison. Having a strong core gives you the ability to have control over your legs and arms when you move, which will give you a boost to your stamina and give you the ability to stay stable.

    Unable To Bend

    The core muscles are activated when you bend over, this includes contracting your ab muscles so you can shift your equilibrium which prevents you from falling completely over. A core that is weak makes this movement extremely difficult, resulting usually in a short period of quivering or pains in the abdomen. Having little core strength also makes it a lot harder to return upright after you were bending over.

    The movement of standing back up involves your oblique and lower back muscles to help pull you up, along with the abs to stabilize you again. If you find yourself able to bend but just can’t return to the standing position without extreme exertion or discomfort, then you probably have a weak core.

    Complications When Running

    Just about every type of exercise has your core muscles involved in some way, this all leads to different signs of a weak core. Running is a type of exercise that a weak core will effect performance because of your positioning and posture.

    Having weak core strength makes it hard to keep your shoulders and head up, which leads to hunching forward when running.

    In time, this will lead to start to lose your form over time. If you find when running that after a few minutes you start losing control of your legs and going slower this could be from a weak core.


    The good news about a lack of core strength is that it can be fixed. A simple exercise routine which targets your core muscles can have major improvements in your fitness regimen and in everyday life activities.

    The post Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Strengthen It appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 5 Mar 2016

    Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Health?

    Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

    are energy drinks bad

    CC BY-ND by Tambako the Jaguar

    Over the past few years the number of companies that have entered the “energy drink” market has skyrocketed but are energy drinks bad for you? These drinks seem to be all the rage, especially with the younger crowd, as they have outrageous claims of unlimited energy that will have you at your best.

    With these claims a couple questions must be asked:

    • Are energy drinks good for you?
    • Will they give you more energy?
    • Are energy drinks bad for your health?
    • Can you lose weight with them?

    The first thing we need to look at are the ingredients in these so called power drinks. Most of these drinks are just carbonated water that are filled with gut-fattening high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, taurine, and a few b vitamins that are thrown in to make them appear to be healthy. Many companies have also replaced sugars with artificial sweeteners.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    Let’s talk about high fructose corn syrup. Well, high fructose corn syrup is filled with empty calories that will increase your belly fat and is actually WORSE than plain sugar. High fructose corn syrup also increases your risk of Type-2 diabetes, and can elevate bad cholesterol levels.

    Low Sugar Alternatives

    Ok, but what about the sugar-free or low-sugar varieties they sell as an alternative. True, some may not contain sugar only to have it replaced with artificial sweeteners, so now you have to worry about the harmful chemicals that are in theses artificial sweeteners.

    One of the problems with artificial sweeteners is that they can have people consuming more calories and gain more weight with frequent use. A Yale University study in 2010 showed these artificial sweeteners can actually enhance human appetite. Trust me on this one, artificial chemicals and sweeteners are the last thing you want in your body!


    How about caffeine? Many may be wondering why I am listing caffeine here.

    We all know that caffeine is great for stimulating the central nervous system and giving people that kick they need. So if you are an avid coffee drinker, chances are that you probably already have that addiction to caffeine so adding it to these energy drinks is only going to lessen the effects of caffeine.

    Getting caffeine from a natural source like white, green, or oolong teas will also give you antioxidant benefits compared to getting it from a carbonated chemical cocktail.

    Taurine and B-vitamins

    How about taurine and the B-vitamins in these energy drinks? Taurine can actually be found in many protein sources so having more of it is not needed. The truth about the B-vitamins in the drinks is that they will most likely end up in the toilet the next time you go to the bathroom. Vitamins are best absorbed by the body when they are obtained naturally from real food sources not from artificially added power drinks. Our bodies just don’t absorb fake vitamin sources as well as they do from food.


    So, are energy drinks bad? Well if you haven’t noticed yet I am not a big fan of these energy drinks. An increase in weight gain and many other health problems can all occur from frequent use.  A nice alternative to these drinks could be adding lemon to water. I also included a video of other alternatives at the top of this post.

    Again this article is just my opinion about these energy drinks as I feel many people are wrongly believing that they are doing some good for themselves when in turn they may be doing just the opposite.

    The post Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Health? appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 14 Feb 2016

    Are You Missing Out On The Benefits of Spinning?

    The Benefits of Spinning

    Spinning classes have become one of the most popular classes around, so if you haven’t tried one yet then it is time for you to start getting the benefits of spinning. Even if you do just one spinning workout a week you can still improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as burn off some fat. In this post I will present an overview of the many benefits of spinning and why it may be time for you to take spinning classes.

    1 – Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

    A spinning workout is a challenging cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your lungs, heart, and vascular system. This allows your body to pump oxygenated blood throughout at a quicker rate and also process this blood more efficiently into energy. The final result is an improved endurance and an increase in energy which allows you to do your spin bike workout longer along with a greater intensity.

    2 – Greater Fat Burning 

    In an average 45 minute spinning class you can easily blast through over 500 calories. This is one of the major benefits of spinning classes for those looking to lose weight. Just image doing a couple spinning classes a week and what the improvement in your fitness and health can be.

    3 – Easy On Your Joints

    An overlooked benefit of doing a cycling class is how it will present little stress on your joints. The motion in a spinning workout has no impact on your hips, knees, and ankles This will lower the risk of causing an injury to your joints, muscle tears, muscle sprains, joint pain, and more.

    4 – Upbeat Atmosphere

    If you find yourself struggling to get motivated to workout alone, spinning classes will make for a great choice to get you motivated. The high powered music, vibrant atmosphere, and encouragement from others taking the class all come together to create an exercise class that pushes you to perform at your peak but also have fun doing it.

    5 – Low Risk of Injury

    As mentioned before, spinning classes are easy on the joints and is very low risk for an injury to your muscles. The use of a spin bike gives your body extra support when needed which is something that isn’t usually found in other exercise programs. This support can keep your back, knees, ankles, and shoulders injury free unlike the risks in many other classes.

    6 – Improved Leg and Core Strength

    The benefits of spinning workouts aren’t just limited to improved cardiovascular fitness. It can also help strengthen the core and leg muscles. Cycling with a high tension or at a high intensity will engage all these muscle groups which can help improve your strength in these muscles.

    7 – All Fitness Levels Can Spin

    Another one of the spinning class benefits is the fact that anyone at any fitness level can do it. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie to the world of fitness or are a high level fitness enthusiast, a spinning workout can be had by all.


    There are many benefits of spinning that can have you improving on your health and fitness. So if you have never tried a spinning workout then it is time to find out when the next cycling class is and start enjoying the benefits.

    The post Are You Missing Out On The Benefits of Spinning? appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 5 Feb 2016

    Breville Compact Juicer: Breville BJE200 XL Juicer Review

    Breville Compact Juicer Review

    breville compact juicerThe Breville BJE200 XL is a heavy duty and compact juice fountain with a centered knife blade assembly. The Breville bje200 will make for a beautiful, high quality addition to your kitchen and just might be that piece of hardware that can have you enjoying healthier times in your kitchen. This fantastic Breville compact juicer will give you the the ability to make healthier, smoother juices quickly.


    When it come to performance, the first thing you will notice is the power of this juicer. The motor shows great power so make sure that lid is on or you may have a mango and orange kitchen! Actually what this means is that even the toughest fruits and vegetables will end up being a smooth juice drink. With that being said, you also have the option to create as much pulp as you like. Even with this juicing power, the Breville bje200 is quick and easy to clean. There is no need for a dishwasher as you can simply remove all the parts that are relevant and clean them.

    This premium product has shown to stand the test of time and can be used over and over again. This investment in this juicer will give the the ability to use for many years to come.I have read some other reviews and noticed that many are also using the product over and over without any problems.


    The Breville Bje200 is constructed with a die-cast construction which is built to give you quality and performance. you just might say this could be the Ferrari of juicers as it comes with some added features that makes this juicer even more appealing. One of the features is a second disc that can be used to puree soft fruits giving you smoothies that will contain 100% fruit. Also, the stabilizing knife will help keep everything right in place and ensures your drink will come out even better.

    Why You Need a Juicer:

    If you are wondering why you should get a juicer the simple answer is that it is a great way to get large amounts of nutrition into your diet especially if you find it hard to eat fruits and vegetables. A big mistake people make is avoiding juicing because they feel it is to much trouble to make. This can be a big mistake if you want to be healthier as fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of crucial vitamins and minerals and other health benefits. Some of these benefits can be such things as losing weight, an increase in your energy and alertness, and even put you in a better mood especially when you know you are doing something healthy for your body.

    If you know someone that has been using a juicer I am sure they will be telling you that it makes them feel great and may tell you about all the health benefits they feel they are getting from juicing. This is exactly what you could be experiencing on a daily basis when you improve your overall health with juicing.

    Here are a few Pro’s and Con’s on the Breville BJE200 XL Juicer


    • Powerful Motor
    • Easy to Clean
    • Compact Size
    • Spout fits nice into opening so there is no splash


    • Only has 1 speed
    • Juice dispensing hole may be tough to clean


    I feel the that if you are looking to get a juicer then the Breville BJE200 XL would make a great addition to any kitchen for healthier living. It is so important to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and this is a great way to meet your daily requirements. Just make sure you clean the Breville compact juicer when done and you should get many years of healthy juicing.


    The post Breville Compact Juicer: Breville BJE200 XL Juicer Review appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 23 Jan 2016

    Gym Etiquette: Are You Guilty of These When Going To The Gym?

    Have Gym Etiquette And Avoid These Gym Pet Peeves

    gym etiquetteGym etiquette, is the unwritten rules that most people who have been working out for some time will learn to follow in the gym. If you are someone who is guilty of some of these gym pet peeves then I can bet that either you you are new at being in a gym environment or just aren’t serious about working out!

    Here is a list of 5 gym pet peeves that drive me crazy. Are you guilty of any of these or do they annoy you also?

    #1 Gym Pet Peeve: Not Putting Weight Away

    This is my number one gym pet peeve and it could be just because I have worked in the field for close to 20 years. Leaving weight on benches, leg press machines, smith machines, and others, is annoying because if someone walks in to use something and sees weights on it they will think it is being used. Loading a leg press with twelve 45lb plates and walking away is just wrong. If you can load it up, you can take it off.

    Using dumbbells and not putting them back on the dumbbell rack is pretty much just laziness. Again, someone may want to use those dumbbells but because they were left on the floor an hour ago someone may think they are still being used. Maybe it could just be that mommy puts away everything for them.

    #2 Gym Pet Peeve: Not Wiping Your Sweat

    If you are going to the gym and going to leave your sweat on every machine you use then maybe you should just wear a wet suit. It is great that you are going to the gym and working up a sweat but it doesn’t mean the next person has to wear a life preserver to avoid drowning in the puddle of sweat left behind.  Be considerate have some gym etiquette and practice cleanliness.

    #3 Gym Pet Peeve: Coffee Talk At The Equipment

    Great, you see someone you haven’t seen in a while at the gym, this doesn’t mean you can just sit on a piece of equipment and reminisce about the good ole days.  Many gyms set up the equipment to be done in a circuit training type of workout so just sitting there and chatting like it is starbucks is just inconsiderate, especially if there are others using the equipment.

    Also, every gym has that one person who can literally talk for hours about really nothing, so I suggest doing the best to not get trapped in that web and avoid the situation.

    #4 Gym Pet Peeve: Cell Phone Talk

    Ten years ago this wasn’t even thought of but it is quickly climbing up my list. Is your life so important that you have to answer or make that call in the middle of a workout. True there are some instances that you may need to, but most of the time it is just people casually chatting while working out. If you are going to sit on a piece of equipment and talk on the phone then it may be time to just give up your membership and put it towards your cell phone bill.

    The other aggravating thing is that the people who are working out around you really don’t want to know about your business and don’t want to hear you talking about it. If you don’t have an emergency situation or a work related issue going on, then the cell phone can wait.

    #5 Gym Pet Peeve: Working Out In Front of The Dumbbell Rack

    You may not realize this one until you have to use some dumbbells and there is someone exercising right in front of the rack. There is no need for anyone to stand right on top of the rack to do their set. Step back, it really isn’t that hard so others can have access to the dumbbells.


    When going to the gym it important to have some consideration for other members and have some gym etiquette. What is your opinion on these pet peeves? Do you have one that really annoys you? Feel free to leave a comment and vent, it may make you feel better!



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  • 31 Dec 2015

    Flat Stomach Tips: Top 10 Food and Drinks To Avoid

    Flat Stomach Tips

    flat stomach tipsToday’s post I am going to get you back to the foundation of getting a leaner stomach with these flat stomach tips. The problem most people have in trying to get a flatter stomach is that their main focus is spending hours in the gym and not really being mindful of what they are eating. This approach will most certainly not get you the results you are looking for. In this post I will give you some tips for a flat stomach that will include 10 foods and drinks that you should be avoiding.

    1 – Alcohol

    If you have an occasional beer or drink that is okay. However, if you start to overdo it, then you will be setting yourself way back in your attempt to getting a flatter stomach. Since there are many empty calories in alcohol, a night of so called fun can easily turn into consuming hundreds of liquid calories. These empty calories will just be stored as fat and will end up adding to your belly fat. A night of drinking often isn’t just alcohol calories taken in but because alcohol can increase your appetite, junk food is often also consumed.

    2 – Artificial Sweeteners

    It is true that artificial sweeteners contain zero calories but this doesn’t mean they are a good choice when trying to achieve a flat belly. Artificial sweeteners are fully loaded with appetite increasing chemicals that cause you to overeat. In addition to this, artificial sweeteners also cause bloating because of the chemical compounds that do not break down in the body easy known as cyclamate, aspartame, and sucralose.

    3 – Candy

    Candy is definitely something that should be avoided as it is high in calories and has little nutritional value. These extra calories will just end up adding to the problem of losing belly fat. candy also has a very high sugar content which can lead to a crash and surge of your blood glucose levels. This will have a negative impact on reaching your goals as it will reduce your energy levels and increase your appetite.

    4 – Dried Fruit

    Many people often believe that since it is fruit that it must be good for you. However, dried fruit contains high amounts of sugar and lots of calories compared to eating healthy fresh fruit. Similar to candy, dried fruit can have similar effects to your body and ruin your flat stomach efforts.

    5 – Fast Food

    Fast food not only is low in nutritional value but is also high in trans fats and high in calories. These unwanted calories will cause excess fat storage around your stomach but can also leave you feeling sluggish.

    6 – Fruit Juice

    This one gets many people because they assume fruit juice has to be good for you because it contains fruit juice. True, fruit juice does have some vitamins and minerals but it also contains high levels of sugar along with zero fiber. Fresh fruits can help suppress your appetite while fruit juice can have just the opposite effect and have you consuming extra fat storing calories.

    7 – Processed Foods

    Processed foods, in order to increase the shelf life and improve flavor, are packed with salt, sugar, and chemicals. The salt and chemicals in processed foods will cause bloating and increase your appetite and also add in the extra calories you get from the sugar.

    8 – Refined Grains

    Refined grains have their vitamins, minerals, and most of the fiber stripped away during processing. The reduction in fiber will have you feeling hungry and can also cause your metabolism to slow down.

    9 – Sodium Rich Foods

    Foods that are high in sodium will have your body retaining water and have you feeling bloating. It is important to always check the sodium content of food because it is often added to many foods, some which may surprise you.

    10 – Soda

    In today’s world, you should know that there is nothing good about soda, especially when trying to get a flat stomach. This goes for both regular and diet soda. Regular soda is loaded with sugar and useless calories. These useless calories will easily get converted into body fat and prevent you from getting a lean stomach. Even though there is zero calories in diet soda it is full of chemicals that can have an increase in your appetite. This is one of the most obvious of the flat stomach tips listed but yet many still are drinking soda.


    Follow these flat stomach tips and start achieving that lean stomach look you have always wanted.  Check your eating plan and start eliminating these from your diet to be on your way to a flat stomach.

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