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  • 16 Aug 2015

    5 Metabolism Boosting Foods You May Not Think Of

    Metabolism Boosting Foods You May Not Know

    metabolism boosting foodsIf you are looking to burn more calories and increase your metabolism, consuming these metabolism boosting foods might give you the help you have been searching for. Eating the wrong types of food on a daily basis can limit the number of calories you burn by slowing down your metabolism. On the other hand, the proper foods can jump start your metabolism which in turn can have you burning more calories through the day. In this post I am going to list five great metabolism boosting foods you should try.

    1) Broccoli 

    Broccoli is an nutritional super food with so many benefits like getting extra fiber, calcium, and vitamin C, into your diet. It contains numerous nutrients that will help boost your immune system and keep your immune system strong. Broccoli can be a great source of energy, is low in fat, and high in protein. The high fiber content of broccoli can also support heart health, lower bad cholesterol, and keep you feeling full.

    2) Chili Peppers

    Chili peppers are great because of their metabolism boosting properties that will temporarily increase the calories burning process in two ways: First, chili peppers will raise your body’s temperature with their hot and spicy nature which can cause your body to use extra calories to try and regulate this temperature change. Second, chili peppers can increase the amount of fat you burn after you eat them.

    3) Flaxseeds

    Flaxseeds have become a very popular for improving your health. They contain protein and fiber which are both know to rev up your metabolism because it takes extra calories for your body to burn to digest them. Flaxseeds also contain the important healthy fats which keep your body running at an optimal metabolic rate.

    4) Salmon

    Salmon is another great metabolism boosting food as it contains a large amount of protein in each serving. Salmon also contains high levels of the healthy fats our bodies desperately need along with numerous vitamins and minerals that will help keep your metabolism at an optimal level and ensure that you are burning the maximum number of calories possible each day.

    5) Soybeans

    If your preference for getting your protein is from vegetables, soybeans are an excellent way to meet your needs and keep your metabolism running high. With just a single cup serving of soybeans you are provided with 29g of protein and also 10g of fiber, both which have your body burning more calories during digestion. Soybeans are also rich in a lot of other essential nutrients, many which are contribute to having an optimal metabolism.


    If you are looking to add some metabolism boosting foods to your diet, these five foods above will be a great way to give your metabolism a boost. Watch the video I provided for additional foods that boost metabolism.

    The post 5 Metabolism Boosting Foods You May Not Think Of appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 9 Aug 2015

    Are You Exercising But Having Trouble Losing Weight?

    Exercising and Not Losing Weight?

    trouble losing weightIf you are getting frustrated because you are exercising and still having trouble losing weight, it may just take looking at things in a different way. The truth is that you can exercise every day and still not get results and there could be many reasons for this. In this post I will try to discuss some reasons you may be exercising and not losing weight.

    1- Nutrition

    There is no doubt that a majority of the time it is a poor diet that is keeping the pounds on. You may be wasting all the hard work in the gym or in your home workout by ruining it at the dinner table. If you ask most people about their diet and most will say the same thing. Many people think they are eating healthy but if they were to actually journal what they ate for a week they may be surprised. Those added hidden calories from flavoring, salad dressing, gravies, and many sugary drinks can really get you off course.

    You should always be aware of what you may be eating and drinking, especially when out. If you are not preparing your food then you are leaving yourself open to added sodium, sugars, and fats. Also, many foods with the claim of fat-free can be just as bad if not worse. They may have the claim of no fat but often that is replaced with added salts and sugars. Cooking your own meals will give you the knowledge of the ingredients and the amounts used compared to the unknown of eating out or prepared meals.

    2- Intensity

    The intensity of a workout is crucial to targeting the fat zone and to achieve weight loss. When it comes to weight loss people will often think long bouts of steady state cardio is the best way. The fact is your intensity is what is most relevant. It is important to get the heart rate in a zone where you are burning the fat stored in the body.

    A great way to achieve this is using high intensity interval training (HIIT). It doesn’t matter if you are using a cardio machine or walking around the park, there is always a way to increase the effectiveness. Using HIITwill assure you to get the most out of your workout. An example of  high intensity interval training would be running for 1 minute, walking for 2 minutes, and then repeating the process for the duration of your workout.

    Whether it be in a class, on a treadmill, or in your living room, get the most out of what you are doing by making sure you raise your intensity throughout your program.

    3- Doing The Same Routine

    If your exercise routine consists of doing the same type of workout over and over then your chances of getting results are slim. When it comes to working out, challenging different muscle groups and keeping the routines fresh can go a long way to burning fat. Mixing it up can help target different muscle groups creating a balanced physique. Try switching up cardio equipment and switch up the levels. I have personally seen people waiting to use a certain machine even though other machines are open. If you always wanted to try a specific class then do it because you may surprise yourself and find you liked it.

    Again, the last thing you want to do is just go through the motions in your workout routine, so you should have the mindset of getting the most out of what you are doing. This also goes for weight training as you can mix up the number of sets, reps, weight, and types of exercise being used. The great thing about exercise is there are so many different ways to get in better shape so why not take advantage of as many as possible.


    If you are unsure if you can start a weight loss exercise routine always seek the advice of a physician. With that being said, it doesn’t matter what your exercise of choice is, if you are having trouble losing weight, it could just be a few tweaks to your exercise routine to jump start the weight loss again. The thing is, don’t give up because it could just be trying new things or tweaking your current routine to get better results, but just remember this, committing to exercise is often the hardest part, so once you commit you are well on your way!

    The post Are You Exercising But Having Trouble Losing Weight? appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 1 Aug 2015

    5 Ways To Burn More Calories When Walking

    Burn More Calories When Walking

    burn more calories when walkingA major reason people avoid walking is that they feel it burns to few calories compared to doing other cardio exercises. Such exercises such as running and cycling can have you burning a substantial amount of calories more in an hour compared to walking. True, but did you know there are some simple techniques that you can try to increase the amount of calories you can burn while walking. This post will give you 5 ways to add to the calories burnt while walking.

    1: Include Weights

    A simple but effective way to increase your calorie burning is to carry some weights. A great way to add this additional weight is by using ankle and wrist weights that can weigh anywhere between 1-5 lbs or more depending on your level of fitness. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, try adding some weight to a backpack to increase your resistance which will lead to burn more calories while walking.

    2: Climb Some Hills

    A very challenging way to increase the amount of calories you burn while walking is to climb hills instead of walking on a flat surface. Walking hills not only will get you sweating but it will also add some variety to your walking program to help in challenging your body. Also, with the addition of adding hills it can break up chance of adapting to walking on flat surfaces and have you burning more calories by giving you a more challenging workout.

    3: Performing Interval Sprints

    If you’re looking to really increase your calorie burning while walking then interval sprints are a great way to achieve this. Adding in intervals of sprinting, running, or jogging can double or even triple your calorie burning and will make your walking routine more challenging.

    4: Add In Some Bodyweight Exercises

    Adding in some bodyweight exercises can bring your walking routine to a new level as you can work muscle groups that aren’t necessarily used when walking. The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that they can be performed anywhere, at anytime, without the need for any equipment and for a long as you want. Such bodyweight exercises as push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, knee-ups, and many more can all increase your calorie burning.

    5: Try Using Nordic Poles

    Nordic poles are a great way to incorporate the muscles in the upper body into your walking routine which will lead to an increase in the amount of calories that you will end up burning. In addition to bringing your upper body into the action, Nordic poles can also take the pressure off your joints and knees while walking.


    By adding in these 5 tips into your walking routine, you can turn walking into an effective calorie burning exercise and increase the fat burning process. So if you avoided walking because of the lack of calories you thought it may burn, give it another shot using some of these tips and have some fun!

    The post 5 Ways To Burn More Calories When Walking appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 21 Jul 2015

    5 Popular Flat Stomach Myths

    Don’t Believe These Flat Stomach Myths

    All across the world, people are doing everything possible to achieve a flat stomach. However, this is such a popular topic that many myths have been created about getting a flatter stomach. In this post I will address some of thes myths about getting a flat stomach and hopefully have you believing the truth.

    Myth 1: Spot Reducing Stomach Fat

    flat stomach mythsOne of the biggest and most popular stomach toning myth is the ability to target a certain area such as a belly with ab exercises to eliminate the fat from your midsection. You just can’t spot reduce where you would like. Of course this would be great if it was true but unfortunately there is more to it than that.

    The main focus of developing abs and losing stomach fat is to reduce your overall bodyfat percentage. To accomplish this it is important to stick to a healthy diet plan that is filled with natural, unprocessed foods and focus doing both cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Doing this on a consistent basis will have your body fat levels dropping, muscles toning, and your belly looking tighter and flatter.

    Myth 2: Exercise Only Will Get You Abs

    Another popular myth to getting abs is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you workout. Of course working out helps you get leaner and burn fat but exercise alone will not cover up a poor diet.

    It is crucial to stop eating high calorie, processed food, and start making changes to eating healthier. This healthy eating plan will spark the fat burning process and give you a solid foundation for your exercise program.

    Myth 3: Daily Ab Training

    For some reason people will treat the abdominal muscles differently than other muscles and want to train them on a daily basis. Training your abs on a daily basis is not only a myth but it can limit you from making progress and also increase your risk of getting injured.

    Train your abs like any other group and work them a 2-3 times per week. This training method will help strengthen your core and will give your abs enough time to recover.

    Myth 4: Exercise With High Reps Only

    Another flat stomach myth is believing your core muscles will only respond to high repetition, no resistance exercses. True, there are some benefits to high repetition, no resistance exercises, but doing just this type of training will only get you so far and prevent you from getting optimal results.

    If you want to get the most of your ab training then a combination of high reps with no resistance and low reps with resistance will get you the most out of your training. This type of combination will help strengthen and define the midsection.

    Myth 5: Buying the Magic Product or Supplement

    The last myth in the list is buying into the fact of getting six pack abs with a special product or supplement. Believing that a fat burning gel, ab belt, or any supplement is all that will be needed to melt away the fat without the discipline of proper nutrition is just a recipe for failure. The truth with these products is that very few will give you any type of results and aren’t worth the money invested.

    So instead of chasing the magic product or gimmick, try going with what is proven to work and that is the discipline of proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Doing it the right way will keep the results lasting longer without hurting the wallet or the body.


    I hope this post gives you a better understanding on some flat stomach myths that many have been wrongly informed to believe. Again, nothing can beat putting in the hard work in your training and proper eating!

    The post 5 Popular Flat Stomach Myths appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 10 Jul 2015

    Spinning Classes: Get Fit With A Spin Workout

    Just What Is Spinning?

    Spinning classes are a great way to get fit that use specialy designed spin bikes to perform various cycling positions at different intesities. This post will give you an idea just what takes place in a spinning class.

    How Long Is A Spinning Class

    This great workout class can run anywhere from 30 minutes and up to an hour. Their are no set schedules that a gym has to run a spin class so you should check with your fitness center to see what their schedule is.

    Adjusting A Spin Bike

    Before you begin your class, you want to make sure your bike is set correctly. This adjustments include the following 3 below:

    1. Seat Height: While sitting on the seat, extend your leg straight down and make sure your leg isn’t completely straight and adjust the seat so there is a slight bend.

    2. Handlebar Height: Make sure the handlebars are in-line with the seat.

    3. Distance From Seat To Handlebars: While sitting in the seat, adjust the seat horizontally until your right knee is just slightly in front of the right pedal.

    Spinning Hand Positions

    spinning classesYour spinning instructor will use 3 main hand positions during a spin class and they are outlined below:

    1. Hand Position #1: The first hand position places your hands in at the bottom of the bars in the position that is nearest to your body.

    2. Hand Position #2: The second hand position places your hands in the middle of the bars.

    3. Hand Position #3: The third hand position has your hands at the top of the bars which is furthest from your body.

    Structure of the Spinning Class

    When it comes to the format of the class, most instructors will use the following structure:

    1. Warm Up: the warm up session may last for about 5 minutes as it includes cycling without any resistance.

    2. Main Program: This portion of the class takes up the majority of the time as it involves the different spinning movements and times to recover. The different types of movements in the spin class are outlined below and when it is time for the recovery period it will involve spinning with no resistance. The spinning movements chosen for each class will vary considerably between instructors and will be based on their own personal preferences.

    3. Cool Down: This portion of the class is similar to the warm up sessioon but it takes place at the end of class. The cool down can last around 5 minutes with some of the basic stretches and cycling without resistance.

    Spinning Movements

    As previosly mentioned, there are various movements in the main program and these are highlighted below:

    1. Hover: Like the name, this movement has you using the third hand position and hovering your butt a couple inches off the seat while cycling around 60-80 RPM.

    2. Jumps: Using the second hand position, jumps, involve lifting your butt off the seat as you cycle between 90-110 RPM.

    3. Jump Start: Using the third hand position, lift your butt off the seat and cycle as hard as you can for 10 seconds.

    4. Left Leg: This movement involves using the first or second hand position and pedalling with just your left leg while sitting.

    5. Right Leg: This movement involves usinmg the first or second hand position and using your right leg to pedal while sitting.

    6. Sprint: using the first or second hand position, pedal as fast as you can while sitting.

    7. Seated Climb: This movement uses the second hand position and involves cycling around 90-110 RPM while sitting and about 80% of your weight focused on the pedals and 20% on your arms.

    8. Seated Flat: This movement can use the first or second hand position and involves cycling from a seated position around 90-110 RPM.

    9. Standing Climb: Using the second hand position and standing on the pedals, cycle around 60-80 RPM and have around 80% of your weight focused on the pedals and the other 20% on your arms.

    10. Standing Flat: Using the first or second hand position, stand on the pedals using all your weight at about 90-110 RPM.

    11. Standing Tall: Using the second hand position, stand on the pedals with all your weight and cycle around 60-80 RPM.

    12. Steady Cadence: The first or second hand position can be used with the steady cadence while sitting and cycling around 80-110 RPM and gradually increase the tension.

    13. Steady Climb: Using the second hand position and in a seated position, use about 80% of your weight on the seat and about 20% on your arms at around 60-80 RPM with a gradual increase in tension.

    14. Squat: Using the second hand position and standing on the pedals with all your weight, cycle around 60-80 RPM while having your butt in front and below the seat.

    Spinning Tension

    Along with these spin movements, your instructor will also give you recommendations of whether to increase or decrease the spinning bike tension. You can do this by turning the tension knob below the handlebars. Turn it to the left to decrease or turn it to the right to increase the tension.


    I hope this post will give you a better understanding on just what spinning classes are and whether it may be right for you. You won’t know unless you give a shot so check out the best spin class for your schedule and give it a try.

    The post Spinning Classes: Get Fit With A Spin Workout appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 5 Jul 2015

    5 Flat Stomach Tips For A Sexier You

    Flat Stomach Tips

    There is no denying it – people all around the globe desire to have a flat stomach. Many women and men have been struggling for years to get that flat belly look without any luck and often just give up. The good news is you can achieve the flat stomach you desire if you are willing to burn calories and follow a healthy diet. These five flat stomach tips can help you find balance between diet and exercise and get you on the path to that sexy belly.

    Tip 1 Staying Active Through The Day

    A very effective tip that often is overlooked in getting rid of belly fat is to stay as active as possible to burn more calories throughout the day. You can easily burn more calories in your daily routine just by doing things a bit differently. Such things as parking your car further away from your destination, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off a few stops earlier when using public transport, every little change can lead to more calories burning which can bring you closer to your desired stomach look. Adding some bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squats, or jumping jacks when you have some spare time in your daily routinecan have you burning more calories and can be done almost anywhere.

    Tip 2 Keep Your Abs Tight

    flat stomachAnother flat stomach tip that often isn’t thought of is to focus on keeping your abs tight in your daily activities, whether you are driving, walking, or exercising. By doing this, you are giving your abs some extra work which can only help you with your goal. Doing isometric contraction which is pulling your abs in and holding for a few seconds will take some time and focus, especially when first starting. However, isometric contractions will soon become naturally part of your daily activities after doing this method for a while because you will find you will just naturally be doing it throuout the day.

    Tip 3 Healthy Clean Eating

    There is no way around it, if you want toned and tight abs then you must eat healthy. Drinking plenty of water and making sure sure your food is fresh, nutrient rich, natural food not processed is a must. Some very good choices would be fish, lean meats, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Junk foods should be avoided at all costs because every piece of unhealthy food that is eaten is just taken a step back in reaching your goal for a flat stomach.

    Tip 4 Switch Up Your Workouts

    Sticking to the same workout routine week after week will eventually have yo getting bored. Once you begin to get bored with your workouts will be when you will see your enthusiasm to workout lessen and so will your results. It can also cause you to just go through the motions and performing less and less of the exercises that are essential to you getting those toned abs you want.

    To get the most of your workout routine you should be doing a combination of strength training, and cardio exercises that will target all muscle groups including your abs. This will help attack the belly fat, along with a stronger leaner looking physique. Also, switch up a few exercises every session to target muscle groups at different angles and to keep your workout routine fresh, exciting, and interesting.

    Tip 5 Rest, Rest, Rest

    It is crucial to any successful exercise routine, including in getting a toned stomach, to make sure you are getting plenty of rest to recover from your workout. Without proper sleep, your muscles will never recover from its workout threfore not getting adequate time to repair which can eventually set you back. If you are not getting enough sleep you will also be slowing down your meatbolism and the ability to burn fat which will make getting fat off your midsection nearly impossible. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you get at the least six hours of quality sleep every night.


    If you are looking to burn belly fat then make sure you follow these five flat stomach tips. These tips can give you a great foundation to getting those lean, toned, abs you have always wanted.

    The post 5 Flat Stomach Tips For A Sexier You appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 1 Jul 2015

    Home Leg Workout Without Weights

    Try This Leg Workout Without Weights

    Turn your driveway or any other place at home into a great leg workout without weights by just doing bodyweight exercises for the legs. This workout will work the muscles in your legs and calves without any need for equipment. Develop stronger quads, calves, and hamstrings by doing these bodyweight exercises. This workout routine can get your leg muscles stronger or even build up some added mass. Stop skipping leg day and add these exerices into your workout plan. Don’t wait any longer and start doing this no weights leg workout right at home and see just how effective this bodyweight leg workout really is.

    The post Home Leg Workout Without Weights appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 27 Jun 2015

    How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Exercises

    How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Exercises To Try

    If you are looking to get rid of flabby arms and tone your arm muscles then these exercises should be added into your fitness workouts. Just doing one exercise to get rid of flabby arms may not be enough so these exercises, along with proper nutrition, and cardio, should give you the help you need for a more tone look to your arms. Add these exercises for flabby arms into your workout routine and start toning up your muscles for a much more desired, sexy looking arm. So don’t wait any longer and start adding these exercises into your workout routine to help you tone your arms today!

    The post How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Exercises appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.

  • 26 Jun 2015

    Bodyweight Tricep Exercises For Flabby Arms

    Bodyweight Tricep Exercises

    Do you know you can get a great tricep workout to help rid you of flabby arms by doing the right bodyweight tricep exercises? These bodyweight exercises without the need for equipment and just using your own bodyweight can have you targeting the muscles in the back of your arm and give you a great workout. Using these exercises in your routine can help you get rid of those flabby arms and have your tricep muscles looking better than ever. Try out these tricep bodyweight exercises and start getting the results you have wanted!

    The post Bodyweight Tricep Exercises For Flabby Arms appeared first on Exercise and Nutrition Tips.





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