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World's First Proven Anti-Aging Serum is Here

Uploaded By: Richard Liu. Added on: 29 October 2012.


The world's first clinically proven anti-aging serum is here. Watch this video to find out about the scientific discovery known as DNP - the main ingredient in our breakthrough new anti-aging serum, Nevaline. The scientists at DermaCareNeuroScienceInstitute have discovered this early baby stage regulatory peptide for skin health. Its efficiency is clinically proven. The human genome and genes expression have been used to verify the specific potency of this signal peptide. In our clinical and scientific studies the topical application of Nevaline works immediately on cellular level.

By reintroducing this master regulator peptide to your skin via Nevaline, your signs of aging may naturally regress and you will once again retain the youthful, smooth look. Sounds too good to be true? Watch the video to find out about the science behind it.

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