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Marc Yagoda

Word about ageLOC Vitality is getting out as the number of triathletes and fitness enthusiasts that are getting on the product is growing! Forget drinking multiple cups of coffee, or Red Bull, Rockstar, and 5-Hour Energy ... turn up the energy dial naturally with ageLOC. Stay tuned for more info.
Live strong and live young!

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Hauppauge, NY
About me
Team Leader, Transformation Team at NSE, Inc.

Partner at BCN Companies, LLC.

Sr. Director, Business Development at iCrossing, Inc.


Managing Partner at Precision Fitness Inc. dba Nautilus of Arizona

Business Development Director at iCrossing. Inc.

CEO at Fun'n Fitness

Co-Founder at Fun'n Fitness

Procurement Director at Home Fitness Studio (Formerly Concept 90)

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United States

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  • Sr. Writer Lynn Glenn recently tried and wrote a great review on ageLOC Vitality. I had called Lynn and told him that there was a clinically proven breakthrough innovation in anti-aging science that can make you look and feel 10-20 years younger. I told him that there is a company that has found the aging-genes in cells, and with proprietary blends of natural botanicals, can influence those identified aging-genes to act like they did when you were younger. Like any true health & fitness professional, Lynn was skeptical. I put Lynn on Pharmanex's LifePak NANO multi-vitamin & ageLOC Vitality. Lynn witnessed first hand what millions of people all over the world will soon find out, that it is now possible to live much younger much later in life.
    ageLOC technology represents the greatest individual entrepreneurial opportunity in the history of the direct selling industry. If you're looking for a fantastic way to secure your future and have fun helping other people improve the quality of their lives, then contact me to learn how you can join our team. It's going to be a great ride over the next ten to twenty years. In the meantime, here's a great overview of the opportunity.
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